In a move set to streamline travel procedures and enhance convenience for Indian tourists, Dubai-based airline Emirates has introduced a groundbreaking pre-approved visa-on-arrival service for Indian travelers. The initiative aims to facilitate smoother entry into the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and bolster tourism ties between India and Dubai.

The pre-approved visa on-arrival service, which commenced on February 1st, allows Indian passengers flying with Emirates to Dubai to obtain their UAE entry permits before departure. This innovative approach eliminates the need for Indian travelers to go through the traditional visa application process upon arrival in Dubai, significantly reducing waiting times and administrative hassles.

“Emirates is delighted to introduce this convenient service, which will streamline the travel experience for our valued Indian customers,” said Ahmed Al Muhairbi, Emirates’ Vice President of Commercial Operations for India and Nepal. “By offering pre-approved visas on arrival, we are committed to enhancing the overall journey for Indian travelers and making their visit to Dubai more seamless and enjoyable.”

The pre-approved visa on arrival service is available to Indian citizens traveling to Dubai for tourism or business purposes, provided they meet the necessary entry requirements. To avail of the service, travelers must book their flights with Emirates and submit their visa applications through the airline’s dedicated online portal at least seven days before their departure date.

Once the visa application is processed and approved, travelers will receive their entry permits via email, allowing for a hassle-free arrival experience at Dubai International Airport. The pre-approved visa on arrival service is valid for stays of up to 14 days in Dubai, with the option to extend the visa duration if needed.

The introduction of the pre-approved visa on arrival service comes at a time when Dubai is actively seeking to attract more visitors from key markets such as India. With its world-class attractions, luxurious accommodations, and vibrant cultural experiences, Dubai remains a top destination for Indian travelers seeking leisure and business opportunities.

Indian tourists constitute one of the largest visitor segments to Dubai, drawn by the city’s iconic landmarks, shopping malls, and culinary delights. The new visa initiative is expected to further boost tourism from India and contribute to the ongoing recovery of Dubai’s travel and hospitality sectors, which have been impacted by the global pandemic.

The move by Emirates underscores the airline’s commitment to enhancing the travel experience for passengers while supporting the growth of tourism in Dubai. By offering innovative solutions such as pre-approved visas on arrival, Emirates aims to strengthen its position as a preferred choice for Indian travelers flying to Dubai and beyond.

As travel restrictions continue to evolve in response to the pandemic, initiatives like the pre-approved visa on arrival service demonstrate the adaptability and resilience of the travel industry in addressing the changing needs of passengers and facilitating safe and seamless travel experiences.

How can Indian travellers get a visa on arrival?

Travellers from India who want to fly with Emirates can book their flights either on or through their favorite travel agent. Once they’ve booked their flight on, they should go to the “Manage an existing booking” section and click on the “apply for a UAE visa” link.

This will take them to a website where they can apply for a visa online. This website is run by VFS Global Services. There, they’ll find all the information they need about the visa requirements, terms, and conditions to make the visa application process easier.

Published: 1st Feb 2024

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