In the UAE, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is currently being resold online for close to Dh10,000, which represents an almost 50% increase in price.

The release of the latest iPhone model on September 22nd led to a significant gathering of Apple enthusiasts who patiently queued for hours in various malls throughout the UAE to get their hands on this coveted device.

Now, just a few days after its launch, these highly sought-after iPhones are appearing on classified platforms at prices that are at least double their original retail cost.

The iPhone 15 is experiencing an overwhelming surge in demand, with some buyers acquiring more than ten units of the device.

In fact, certain Apple fans spent nearly Dh200,000 on these devices at outlets in Dubai.

The renowned U.S. technology company introduced the iPhone 15, along with its Pro and Pro Max versions, in the UAE at initial prices ranging from Dh3,399 to Dh6,799.

Many iPhone 15 buyers are now listing their devices for sale on the Dubizzle classified website with the aim of making a quick profit.

This trend is not new, as previous iPhone models have consistently found their way onto online platforms for resale shortly after their initial release. Individuals have consistently taken advantage of the high demand for these devices.

On Monday, the high-end Pro and Pro Max variants were extensively available on the online classified platform. Some sellers have even listed handsets that were imported from other markets for local resale.

For instance, the iPhone 15 Pro Max 1TB, which is priced at Dh6,799 at Apple outlets, is currently listed for sale at Dh9,980, having been imported from Hong Kong by the seller.

In the secondary market, iPhones intended for the UAE market command higher resale prices than those imported from other countries, such as China, Japan, Hong Kong, and others.

Therefore, when purchasing from the secondary market, whether in stores or on online platforms, it is crucial to ascertain the intended market for the handsets.

On Monday, the Pro Max 256GB model, priced at Dh5, 099 in Apple stores, was being offered on Dubizzle at more than a 40% markup.

Multiple sellers listed it for prices ranging from Dh5,300 to Dh7,200. Similarly, the Pro Max 512GB model is being sold for Dh7,000 on the classified website, as opposed to Dh5,949 at the Apple store.

The Pro 256GB model, with a retail price of Dh4,699, is currently being resold for Dh5,960, representing a 27% increase over its original price.

The Pro 512GB model is also available for resale at Dh6,000, as buyers take advantage of the shortage of these new handsets.

Last Updated: 29 September 2023