To promote traffic safety, the Abu Dhabi Cops General Command has introduced that the speed limit on Abu Dhabi’s Sweihan (additionally known as Suwaihan) Roadway– from Al Falah Bridge to Abu Dhabi International Airport– has actually been reset.

The speed restriction will certainly be lowered from 140 kilometers per hour to 120 kilometers per hour beginning Sunday, June 4, according to a joint declaration released by the Abu Dhabi Police General Command as well as the Integrated Traffic Centre.

Abu Dhabi Cops General Command shared a tweet to this impact. Indications have been posted informing drivers of the change.

Speed limitation changes on major roads in Abu Dhabi as well as Dubai

In April, Abu Dhabi Cops set a new minimum speed limit of 120 km/h Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Road Violators will face a Dh400 penalty from April 1 as well as May 1.

In other news, Dubai’s RTA lowered starting Jan 12 Speed Limitation On Dubai-Hatta Road, stretching in between Dubai, Ajman and Al Hosn Roundabout, the speed is from 100 km/h to 80 km/h. The area covers approximately 6 kilometers