Cloud technologies are pushing the boundaries of various industries, according to a Huawei official. In the media and entertainment sector, where user experience is pivotal for audience capture and retention, Huawei Cloud stands out with its comprehensive Over-The-Top (OTT) media solution.

This solution, highlighted by Wu Bin, Director of Huawei Cloud Marketing, at the Global Media Congress in Abu Dhabi, encompasses live streaming, Video on Demand (VOD), transcoding, and Content Delivery Network (CDN) services.

Wu Bin’s keynote address, titled “From Media Service to Media Infrastructure, Unleashing Potential for Industries,” shed light on Huawei Cloud’s transformative approach, emphasizing key areas:

Content Production Efficiency

Huawei Cloud is introducing groundbreaking solutions to streamline workflows and enhance creative collaboration in the media and entertainment industry.

Cloud-Based Content Creation

Huawei Cloud Workspace facilitates seamless and collaborative design, enabling users to produce content efficiently in a cloud-based environment. It supports multiple devices for collaborative design with high-quality display and low latency.

AI Offline Rendering

Huawei Cloud’s AI offline rendering technology significantly accelerates video rendering speed, reducing the time required for tasks such as rendering a 90-minute 3D film from six months to one week.

High-Definition, Low-Bitrate Media Processing

Huawei Cloud’s innovative solution reduces original video bitrates by 30-40%, leading to cost savings in video storage and distribution and providing viewers with more efficient streaming.

Ultra-Low Latency Live (LLL) Service

This service minimizes live streaming delays to 800ms or less, enhancing real-time interaction for live e-commerce, sports events, and various live scenarios.

Huawei Cloud OTT Solution

With 2800+ global CDN nodes and 180+ bandwidth reserve, Huawei Cloud’s OTT solution engages tens of millions of audiences, providing an immersive and interactive experience.

Panggu Digital Human Model

In the era of AI, Huawei Cloud introduces a low-cost, high-quality digital human model, empowering industries like online education, news broadcasting, e-commerce live streaming, and corporate endorsements.

Transition to 3D Digital Spaces

Huawei Cloud enables businesses to transition from 2D webpages to 3D digital spaces, offering scalability and immersive environments for applications like exhibition halls, summit venues, and retail met averse environments.


Huawei Cloud’s innovative solutions in digital human creation and 3D spaces are redefining the media and entertainment industry by introducing cost-effective, efficient, and highly customizable models, setting a new benchmark for creativity and user engagement.

With over 30 years of expertise and a strong foundation in technology, Huawei Cloud aims to collaborate with partners and customers, using audio-visual technology innovations to unlock new growth for the media and entertainment industry.



Last Updated: 16 November 2023