LuLu Group International, head quartered in Abu Dhabi, has unveiled its cutting-edge food sourcing, processing, and export hub in Italy, strengthening food security measures.

Situated strategically at the World Trade Center Malpensa Airport in Milan, this facility will bolster LuLu Group’s sourcing endeavors, not only in Italy but also in neighboring European countries, ensuring a continuous supply of food products and price stability. The group has set an ambitious goal of exporting food products valued at 200 million euros within two years.

The inauguration of Y International Italia, the sourcing division of LuLu Group, was graced by Guido Guidesi, a Regional Minister for Economic Development, in the presence of Yusuffali MA, chairman and managing director of LuLu Group. Guidesi welcomed this new venture by the UAE-based group in Italy and pledged the highest level of support and cooperation to strengthen trade relations between Italy and the Arab world.

Yusuffali emphasized, “As a significant player in the Middle East’s food security sector, it is our ongoing strategy to establish our own sourcing and food processing units worldwide, ensuring a seamless supply chain and competitive pricing by eliminating intermediaries.”

This state-of-the-art facility will primarily focus on sourcing, processing, storing, packaging, and exporting high-quality food products from Italy to over 255 LuLu Hypermarkets spread across GCC countries, Egypt, India, Indonesia, and Malaysia. The key product categories include a wide range of cheeses, chocolates, fruit jams, sweet and puff pastries, organic pasta, infused extra-virgin olive oil, and premium sea salt from renowned Italian brands. In addition to packaged foods, the center will also source and export various fruits and vegetables, including apples, grapes, kiwis, and olives.

Yusuffali stated, “Italy boasts unique cuisines and a vast array of fruits, vegetables, and commodities, and we are collaborating closely with the Italian Trade Agency to boost the export of these products to our hypermarkets. We will engage with all stakeholders to promote Italian brands through ‘Italian Food Festivals’ in our hypermarkets.”

This new project aims to achieve food exports worth 200 million euros within two years and generate employment opportunities in Italy.

“We will initially export products valued at 50 million euros, with a goal to reach 200 million euros in two years. We are forming partnerships with farmers’ cooperative societies to source fruits and vegetables, which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on Italy’s agricultural sector. Moreover, this project will create significant job opportunities in Italy,” added Yusuffali.
LuLu Group already operates similar food processing centers in the UK, the US, Spain, Turkey, Vietnam, Thailand, China, South Africa, and other countries.

Last Updated: 19 September 2023