The UAE has re-introduced the three-month browse through visa, Khaleej Times can expose. The three-month or 90 days visa was scrapped at the end of in 2015 and also a lasting 60-day visa was introduced for site visitors ready to go to the country for a longer duration.

A call center executive at the Federal Authority For Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Port Security (ICP) stated that individuals who are willing to see the UAE for 90 days can make use of the possibility. “They should consult their traveling representatives who will help them in releasing the 90-days check out visa,” stated the called center executive.
According to sector professionals, this was reintroduced by the end of May 2023, allowing visitors to remain in the UAE for as much as 90 days. Nevertheless the visa can be extendable within the nation at an additional expense based on the company.

Different kinds of entrance licenses

“There are 2 sorts of entry permits– a traveler visa or a leisure visa and also a check out visa. A visitor visa is released for 30 or 60 days. The checkout visa is provided for 90 days,” said Subair Thekepurathvalappil, senior supervisor for incoming and outgoing procedures at Regal Tours Worldwide, including that this extended browse through visa enhances the existing vacationer visa choices, which includes a 30-day or 60-day keep, providing tourists greater flexibility in intending their travel plans.
The 30-day and also the recently introduced 60-day vacationer visas have actually long been prominent amongst visitors looking for much shorter remain in the UAE, giving ample time to discover the country’s famous landmarks as well as indulge in first-rate purchasing and dining experiences.

Who can apply?

Residents are not aware of this three-month visa which has actually been reestablished by the authorities, Libin Varghese, sales director at Rooh Tourist LLC, said.

Sector professionals claimed that any individual can obtain this visa and it stands for Dubai and also Abu Dhabi.

“Currently, we have not obtained much inquiry regarding it, as well as visitors who prefer these access licenses are their family members residing in the UAE, as they intend to spend a longer time. Consider instance, if a kid that is researching in his residence nation gos to UAE during vacations or parents of a local,” stated Varghese.

  • Background

    Subair said that a few years ago, there were only two kinds of entrance license in the UAE– a recreation visa which was provided for 3 months, and a vacationer visa which was released for 1 month. “However, lately, there were a number of modifications that were presented to visa treatments in 2014. The three-month visa might likewise be expanded while remaining within the country by paying the expansion cost and it was very popular,” stated Subair.

  • Visa fee

    The fee for a 90-day-visit visa differs depending upon your issuing travel professional, with a starting rate of Dh1,500 and also can increase to Dh2,000, which can even be expanded within the country. “The exact details of extension have not been introduced as the visa was introduced a few days ago,” stated Varghese.

Documents required by Applicants:

According to Subair, one have to submit the adhering to documents if preparing to apply for the long-term browse through visa:

  • Current passport-size coloured picture
  • Passport Copy
  • processing time


“Once a person gets this newly presented visa, it may take up to five working days. However we can also receive it in two days,” claimed Subair.