He has developed a business that is now referred to as the biggest collector of used cooking oil in the country, and also he has actually been working hard towards a huge dream: To see every gas station in the UAE make biofuel available.

An Emirati business owner, who is a solid advocate of round economy, has actually found a method to turn a common waste into alternate fuel: He collects used cooking oil from large companies and fine-tunes them to become biodiesel to power fleets of trucks as well as various other cars. He likewise exports tidy fuel to the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, and also India.

Circular economy is just reusing products, instead of junking them and after that drawing out new resources. And this is what Yousif Bin Saeed Al Lootah, 32, owner as well as chief executive officer of Lootah Biofuels, has been providing for more than a years.

He has actually been aiding UAE companies boost their use biodiesel in fleet monitoring as a method of improving their company sustainability as well as decreasing their carbon footprint.

Sustainable option

“The ideas to start a biofuel venture pertained to me when our household organization SS Lootah Group established its environment-friendly auto programme,” he told Khaleej Times.

“I understood that the substantial decrease of emissions could be with making use of alternate gas in the fleet of diesel trucks in our device in Al Quoz. I started looking into as well as collecting information, and biodiesel blends became a feasible answer.”

Utilized cooking oil or UCO-based biodiesel is a sustainable option to conventional petroleum-based gasoline, he described. “As a matter of fact, a 5 percent biodiesel blend can be utilized in vehicles without any alterations.”

Lootah Biofuels was established in 2010– at a time when no one was thinking about such options in the area considering that the price of fossil fuel was fairly low compared to Europe.

But that did not deter Lootah from getting along with his venture to develop feasible alternative fuel that is economical for companies to utilize in their fleets. His company broadened and also Lootah Biofuels factory, which has an ability to provide 100,000 litres of biodiesel each day, was ushered in at Dubai Industrial City last year.

Largest collection agency

“We are presently the UAE’s biggest enthusiast of UCO,” Lootah noted. “We gather utilized cooking oil from Jumeirah Team, Emaar Hospitality, Rotana Team, Majid Al Futtaim, Atlantis the Palm, Americana Group, Alshaya Group, Chinese Royal Residence Restaurant Group, Kamat as well as Gazebo Restaurants as well as Modern Bakeshop. In a year, we create 60 million litres of biofuel, and also last year, we have added to decreasing greater than 500 tonnes of co2.”

The factory at Dubai Industrial City is presently operating between 50 as well as 80 percent of its capacity, and also it can supply biodiesel at local petrol stations.

Biofuel is an appealing alternative to meet environment modification objectives to restrict global warming up to 1.5 ° C by minimizing exhausts, Lootah said.

“However the secret to boosting demand remains in making them easily accessible,” he highlighted, including: “This is where gas terminals as well as leading petroleum suppliers will play a substantial function. Wider fostering will certainly also urge innovation in the production and also sales of biofuel.”

Green power
Lootah also has a message for the upcoming COP28 in Dubai: “We happily represent the success of the waste-to-energy/green power concept.

I eagerly anticipate interacting with international professionals and also acquiring knowledge from research study, innovation, and also innovative modern technologies that might create a lasting biofuel revolution in the region.

“Above all, I intend to see every fuel terminal in the nation make biofuel available. Sellers are essential in pushing the energy diversification method, and also they straight communicate with end users.

The very first step in the direction of net absolutely no for the transport sector will be decarbonizing hefty and business transport. Different gas like biofuel is the key to this, particularly as nonrenewable fuel source rates have become extremely volatile.”

Last Update : 10 Aug2023