The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has experienced a remarkable surge in demand for the iPhone 15, with the first wave of these cutting-edge devices flying off the shelves just days after their release.

Leading electronics retailers in the region report that demand for Apple’s latest model has far surpassed expectations, even surpassing the popularity of the previous flagship model.

On September 22, Apple’s newest iPhones became available for purchase at its stores in The Mall of the Emirates and Dubai Mall, resulting in massive crowds as eager customers flocked to acquire the latest technological marvel. Many even made bulk purchases for their families.

Vikas Chadha, CEO of the Jumbo Group, confirmed the impressive initial demand, stating, “We’ve witnessed an exponential increase in pre-order numbers, with double-digit growth compared to the previous year. This launch provides a significant boost to technology retailers, promising increased sales for the quarter. As anticipated, the iPhone 15 Pro Max, featuring aerospace-grade Titanium construction, is in particularly high demand.”

Chadha expressed his gratitude to Jumbo’s dedicated customers and disclosed that the first batch of supply had already been sold out. He added, “Historically, we’ve observed frenzied interest from customers during Apple smartphone launches. Our guaranteed buy-back program, zero percent installment plans, trade-in options, and discounts on Apple accessories have all contributed to robust sales.” Apple’s iPhone 15 series in the UAE is priced from Dh3,399 to Dh6,799.

Regarding concerns about iPhone 15 shortages, Chadha acknowledged some constraints, which are common during the initial phases of iPhone releases. He assured customers that weekly shipments from the manufacturer would help alleviate this situation.

Rajat Asthana, COO of Eros Group, echoed Chadha’s sentiments, noting that the initial response to the iPhone 15 has been extremely positive, and it is poised to outperform its predecessor. “Bookings are also strong, but, as is customary, there is limited stock availability at launch. While some iPhone 15 units are expected to arrive from India, the majority will originate from China.”

Asthana highlighted that the iPhone 15 Pro is dominating pre-bookings, emphasizing that the premium smartphone segment continues to perform exceptionally well in the UAE retail market.

Furthermore, he pointed out that iPhone prices in the UAE are considerably lower than in many other markets, including India, with a substantial price difference of Rs38,000 for the iPhone 15 Pro.

Muddassir Ahmad, CEO of ECity Electronics, reaffirmed the enduring demand for iPhones, stating, “We’ve witnessed a year-on-year surge in demand of more than 100 percent. The iPhone Pro series, in particular, is experiencing robust sales due to the high demand for Titanium finishes. However, we still have limited stock availability.”

Ahmad also revealed a special promotion, offering a bundle that includes a car, iPhone, and TV, priced at Dh57,999, with over 30 car bundles sold in the past three days.

Last Updated: 25 September 2023