The long-awaited climate change conference, eagerly anticipated by the city this year, commenced on November 30, sounding an urgent call to action in the face of the escalating climate crisis.

As COP28, the 28th meeting of the Conference of the Parties of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), unfolds at Expo City Dubai, representatives from around the world gather for two weeks of crucial talks, dynamic debates, and enlightening experiences.

Central to the conference is the mission to involve the youth—the leaders of tomorrow—in climate change discourse, encouraging them to contribute innovative solutions to environmental challenges.

This imperative is underscored by authors Farah Naz and Nahla Nabil, who unveil their children’s book at the global conference.

The book not only contributes to the country’s fight against climate change but also underscores the pivotal role youth will play in envisioning a greener, cleaner future.

Titled “Mission Zero,” the literary collaboration is a significant addition to children’s literature, representing a pioneering work addressing the critical issue of climate change.

Farah Naz, an award-winning climate change strategist and author, and Nahla Nabil, recognized as a Top Voice on LinkedIn in the MENA region, bring a wealth of experience to simplify complex concepts like ‘Race to Zero’ and ‘Race to Resilience’ for young minds.

The book aims to educate children about climate change, presenting it in a reader-friendly and engaging manner.

“As mothers, we both share a deep responsibility to equip our children with the right tools and knowledge to tackle the challenges of the future.

We believe that education is the first step towards a sustainable and resilient future, and this book is our contribution to that mission,” say the authors, who take immense pride in their roles as mothers of young eco-warriors.

Both authors, with decades-long experience in climate strategy, have been at the forefront of pioneering conversations around climate advocacy.

Their journey into sustainability and climate urgency began before it became part of the mainstream narrative.

Nahla and Farah emphasize the importance of academia during their formative years, which empowered them to lead the way for climate change as adults.

Including more women in climate discussions is not just beneficial; it’s essential for creating effective and lasting solutions, says Nahla.

Women bring vital perspectives, enriched dialogues, and innovative solutions. As primary caregivers and educators, women can instill sustainable practices from the ground up, thinking about whole families and communities.

In their journey, both authors have observed that women, with their empathy and understanding, make complicated topics like climate change easier to comprehend for everyone.

“This is not just about women being part of the conversation; it’s about redefining the conversation to be more caring, inclusive, and focused on our planet and future,” says Nahla.

Farah, an advocate of gender equality, emphasizes the need for equal representation of women in sustainability discourse.

She believes that just like good engineering is recognized irrespective of gender, key stakeholders in sustainability should also comprise women in equal measures.

The authors look forward to the book launch at the UAE Pavilion, Green Zone, Expo City Dubai on December 4, leveraging the platform to emphasize the importance of education and awareness in the fight against climate change.

With COP28 taking place in the UAE, they hope it will create more spaces for women and youth to become catalysts of change in the climate discourse.

“We hope that COP28 will generate a fresh urgency and commitment among nations to address the climate crisis comprehensively, not underestimating the role women and young leaders can play in the change making process.”



Last Updated: 04 December 2023