Deek Parassini, the “Healer of the Mind” and “Motivational Speaker,” introduces himself as a brother on a mission to unveil life’s positivity. With over two decades of experience and free sessions worldwide, he emphasizes a core belief that “Life Is All Positive and Negativity Doesn’t Exist”. Founder of LIAP Foundation, Deek envisions a world united in positivity through volunteer initiatives. His approach involves Q&A sessions, addressing core issues, and inspiring a childlike perspective to life. Deek’s mission aims to empower individuals to self-positivize, fostering a global network where everyone realizes that “Life Is All Positive.” Everything that he does is as a giving back to community as he sees as whole world as his own family.

The Mind Healer and Motivational Speaker

We started the interview by asking, “Deek, you’re often referred to as a “Healer of the Mind” and a “Motivational Speaker.” How do you prefer to introduce yourself and your mission to people who may not be familiar with your work?”

Deek Parassini replied, “Positive Day! I see myself as neither a “Healer of the Mind” nor just a “Motivational Speaker.” I am simply a brother or son to you on a mission to make you realize that “Life Is All Positive, and Negativity Doesn’t Exist.” Through over two decades of diverse experience, 225+ sessions worldwide, alongside numerous personal sessions, my mission is to ignite your inborn positivity and empower you to self-positivize.”

Embracing Life’s Positivity

The Arabia Times: Your mission is to make people realize that “Life is All Positive, and Negativity Doesn’t Exist.” Can you elaborate on this core belief and how it guides your work?

Deek Parassini replied, “The foundation of my mission lies in the principle that “Life Is All Positive & Negativity Doesn’t Exist.” It’s about maintaining an optimal balance and constantly growing in the five core aspects of life: Relationship, Education, Health, Finance, and Love. By fostering this balance, I believe we can unleash the inherent positivity within each of us. “Life is your greatest teacher” is core belief that guides my sessions, encouraging individuals to reshape their lives positively.”

Let me give you a simple concept: A problem is only a problem if you see problem as a problem, that same problem if you see as something life trying to teach you, that problem because a teacher, hence the problem is no more a problem rather a lesson from Life. Therefore, in essence, Life Is All Positive.

Positivity for All

The Arabia Times: Many motivational speakers charge for their sessions, but you offer yours for free. What motivates you to provide this valuable knowledge without charging a fee?

Deek Parassini replied, “For that I am not a motivational speaker, I am going to tell the truth directly at your level of understanding as how a brother would talk to his sibling, you may get motivated or demotivated with it.

It’s a promise to the world that all my session was and will always be free, as a giving back to community. Now, you might wonder why I offer my services for free. It’s simple: it’s my way of expressing gratitude to God, and I see each one of you as part of my own family. Would I charge my family for a service? Absolutely not!

“Furthermore, charging a fee is not aligned with my mission to make positivity freely available. It’s about giving back to the community and fostering a world where everyone can access the tools to lead a positive life. By offering my services without charge, I aim to break down barriers and ensure that no one is excluded from the opportunity to embrace positivity.”

The Significance of Q&A Sessions

The Arabia Times: You’ve conducted numerous sessions in the form of Q&A. Why do you believe this approach is essential in helping individuals understand and embrace positivity?

Deek Parassini replied, “In my experience, motivation alone is not enough if core issues and doubts are left unresolved. For me, Motivation is like a vitamin tablet to unhealthy mind, it gives temporary boost, but it doesn’t address the root problem. When you go to root and when truth hits you it is generally demotivating and It’s when the truth hits you that you’re compelled to make real changes.”

The Q&A format allows me to address the specific concerns of individuals, providing tailored and practical solutions. By understanding and addressing these core issues, individuals can grasp the essence of positivity and apply it to their lives, creating lasting and meaningful change.”

LIAP Foundation: Healing Minds and Feeding Souls

The Arabia Times:  LIAP Foundation, founded by you, has a vision to “Make the World Realize that Life Is All Positive.” Can you tell us more about the foundation’s goals and how it aims to achieve them?

Deek Parassini replied, “We are all born positive and there is positivity within each one of us and this foundation was created to make people realize that positivity.

“Life Is All Positive Foundation, LIAP operates with a vision to unite the world as one big positive family. Through volunteer-driven initiatives, we aim to heal minds and feed souls. With over 66 projects benefiting more than 20,000 people in India, our goal is to make the world realize that life is inherently positive. We believe in fostering positive transformation, compassion, and shared humanity, creating a better world for everyone.”

Essential Pillars of Life Is All Positive

The Arabia Times: You mentioned that Life Is All Positive is based on maintaining an optimal balance in five core aspects of life. Can you briefly explain these aspects and why they are crucial?

Deek Parassini replied, “Life Is All Positive revolves around maintaining balance in the core aspects of Relationship, Education, Health, Finance, and Love. Now you might wonder how I came up with this concept—well, it’s simple! from Life.

Look at life, a baby enters the world with nothing but parents—a foundational Relationship. As we enter school, Education enters our life, followed by personal choices in health and appearance during our teenage years, that is Health. Later, career that bring Finances into your life. Eventually, we embrace the profound bond of marriage and spirituality, ultimately culminating in love for ourselves, others, and the divine.”

Therefore these aspects form the foundation of a positive life. Achieving equilibrium in these areas ensures holistic well-being, allowing individuals to harness their innate positivity. Each aspect contributes to the overall harmony needed for a fulfilling and positive existence.”

“Let me share a secret with you: when faced with any problem in life, the key to finding a solution is to follow this sequence—begin with Relationship, then Education, Health, Finance, and Love. By addressing challenges in this order, you’ll find that solutions become more attainable and holistic, ultimately leading to resolution and growth.”

Impactful Narratives

The Arabia Times: Could you share an inspiring story or an example of how your sessions have positively impacted an individual or a group of people?

Deek Parassini replied, “While there are numerous transformations and All Thanks to God for that, but all my conversation and stories remain confidential, like how one might keep their personal family stories private. However, I can share the types of individuals I’ve had the opportunity of assisting, including those dealing with the loss of parents, navigating through breakups, coping with suicidal tendencies, managing educational and career pressure, business challenges, resolving marital challenges and the list goes on—from the smallest to the most significant of problems.”

Rediscovering Your Inborn Positivity

The Arabia Times: You’ve emphasized the importance of looking at life from a baby’s point of view. How can people regain that childlike perspective and maintain positivity in their lives?

Deek Parassini replied, “It is a very wide concept but let me summarize it for you.

We are all born as a baby who is always positive and that is how God or Universe bring us to this world. Have you ever seen a baby in depression. No!!! When you shout at a baby, it may cry momentarily, yet it always returns with the same love it had before. Isn’t that true? But then why do we change, is a question I have for all of you?

If someone calls you “a dog”, you feel offended. If someone does something that you dislike, you feel hurt. Why? Because we develop a certain level of expectation as we age. But what if we could return to a state where we do things we love without expecting anything in return? You start living like a baby.

Think about this: most people don’t need any motivation on their birthday because they feel special, and at some moments of the day, they feel like a child again. So, why not treat every day as if it’s your birthday? Isn’t that true? Life, at its core, is simple. It’s us who complicate it.

Navigating the Paths of a Guru

The Arabia Times: Many people refer to you as a “guru” or a “mentor.” How do you view your role in the lives of those who seek your guidance?

Deek Parassini replied, “I don’t see myself as a guru or mentor but as a brother or son offering guidance to my extended family. My role is to assist individuals in realizing their inherent positivity; navigating life’s challenges and once how to do it why do they need someone to tell them how to do it. Through shared experiences, practical advice, and a genuine connection, I aim to empower others to become their own positive influencers.”

As I always say – Meet me once, clear all your doubts and forget me. Once you know how to self-positivize or self-motivate yourself seeing life as your Guru or mentor, you don’t need me or anyone else to take that role.

Expanding the Reach

The Arabia Times: You have shared your positive outlook with thousands of people. How do you envision expanding your reach and continuing to make positivity available to everyone?

Deek Parassini replied, “One person at a time, I am committed to spreading the message of ‘Life Is All Positive’ concepts without expecting anything in return. As I have come to understand, it’s all word of mouth; a few people connect with the concept, creating a ripple effect that inspires individuals to become ambassadors of positivity in their communities. By fostering a network of positivity, we can collectively contribute to a world where everyone realizes that “Life Is All positive.”

As I always say, ‘The fewer sessions I do the more money I make.’ So, you might wonder, do I really want to expand? Well, there are certain things one must do that serve a bigger purpose. At this moment, I’m focused on those actions. How long I’ll continue and what it will entail, only time will tell.”

Breaking Down Barriers

Lastly we asked, “In your view, what are the most significant barrier people face in embracing the idea that “Life is All Positive,” and how can they overcome it?”

Deek Parassini replied, ““There are many things to consider, but let me share two of them.

Willful Ignorance: Let me pose a simple question: how many of you drink soft drinks? Most of you do. How many of you are aware that they are not good for your health? All of you. Yet, despite this knowledge, many continue to consume them. Even God or the Universe doesn’t know what to do in this situation. You know it’s wrong, yet you continue to do it. Life will really hit you hard when the time comes. So, work on correcting it. Soft drinks were just an example; what else are you willfully ignoring? Ask yourself this question.

Living Someone Else’s Life: The world is constantly telling you to be someone else so they can profit from you, and you’re losing yourself in the process. Let me give you a simple example: curly-haired people want straight hair, and straight-haired people want curly hair; every overweight person wants to be thin, and every thin person wants to gain weight; everyone with scars on their face wants clear skin, and those with clear skin are told to get tattoos. The world is trying to instill a complex within your mind, making you want to be someone you can’t be, so you slowly begin to hate yourself over time. Learn to accept and grow with yourself, and then you will begin to love yourself.

In conclusion, I would like to say: “Thinking positive is negative; go and do what is positive.” See what is positive, hear what is positive, eat what is positive, smell what is positive, and feel what is positive. Then life is all positive.

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