Hajeer Ninan Koya’s Personal Life & Work Life

The Arabia Times: Kindly provide us with an elaborate account of your illustrious background and the companies you currently oversee.

Hajeer Ninan Koya: I have had the privilege of serving as the CEO and Managing Director of Ace Inspire Group Kuwait, a consortium of four companies operating in the Construction, Oil & Gas, and Infrastructure sectors. With over 15 years of experience in driving growth and revenue strategies, I bring a wealth of operational and managerial expertise to the table. Under my leadership, Ace Inspire Group has achieved remarkable success, boasting a cumulative paid-up capital of $36M and a dedicated workforce of 850 employees engaged in various government projects in Kuwait.

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Goals & Strength of Hajeer Ninan Koya

The Arabia Times: As a leader, what are your overarching goals and aspirations for both your personal role and the enterprises under your guidance?

Hajeer Ninan Koya: My aspirations for the future revolve around further expanding the influence and presence of Ace Inspire Group in the industry. I aim to secure new contracts, establish strategic partnerships with multinational companies, and diversify our portfolio. Delivering exceptional subcontracting & supply services, maintaining cost control, and ensuring seamless operations for our clients will remain at the forefront of our objectives.

The Arabia Times: In your opinion, what do you perceive as the most formidable strength of the esteemed entity known as “ACE INSPIRE” in its present state?

Hajeer Ninan Koya: I believe the greatest strength of Ace Inspire Group lies in our innovative approach to providing a comprehensive range of subcontracting and supply services under one roof. By offering distinct services that would typically require multiple subcontractors/suppliers, we simplify the procurement process for our clients, ensure cost-effectiveness, and guarantee smooth operations.

Path & Challenges

The Arabia Times: Could you elucidate the arduous path you traversed to attain your current stature and the commendable achievements you have amassed?

Hajeer Ninan Koya: My journey began with a Bachelor of Laws degree from Mahatma Gandhi University, which laid the foundation for my legal expertise. As I ventured into the business world, my passion and curiosity led me to Dubai, where I assisted my uncle in the family business. This experience ignited my entrepreneurial spirit, leading me to establish my first venture, Alhamd pack FZC, within a year in Hamriyah Free Zone. Over the years, my extensive experience in business development, strategy marketing, and contract negotiations propelled me to the position I hold today.

The Arabia Times: What significance AAMGCB holds within the grand tapestry of your entrepreneurial pursuits?

Hajeer Ninan Koya: I established Alam Al Mohallab General Contracting for Buildings Company (AAMGCB) to address a notable void in the supply and services sector. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive solution, I aimed to create a centralized hub offering a diverse array of subcontracting services to main contractors. Our primary objective is to deliver flexibility, competitive pricing, and exceptional quality while streamlining the procurement process.

The Arabia Times: Throughout your leadership voyage, what have been the most momentous challenges you encountered and, with your sagacity, successfully surmounted?

Hajeer Ninan Koya: The most significant challenge I encountered during my leadership journey was undoubtedly the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic brought about full or partial lockdowns in Kuwait for nearly eight months, halting all ongoing projects and creating significant difficulties in maintaining work and workforce. However, through faith, empathy, patience, and maintaining a strong working relationship with my employees, I was able to navigate through the crisis. While some downsizing was unavoidable, the majority of our workforce was brought back once the situation improved, demonstrating the resilience and determination of our team.

The Arabia Times: What are the key values which helped you to overcome the challenges in your path? Tell us something about your memorable incident in your leadership?

Hajeer Ninan Koya: The core values that have played a pivotal role in overcoming the challenges I faced include resilience, adaptability, empathy, and fostering strong relationships with my team. Amidst the pandemic, I ensured the well-being and safety of my employees, made difficult decisions with their interests in mind, and fostered a positive work environment. A memorable incident would be successfully bringing back the majority of our workforce after the pandemic-related downsizing, which demonstrated my commitment to the welfare of my team and the long-term growth of our organization.

Work & Vision of Hajeer Ninan Koya

The Arabia Times: what word would aptly epitomize your distinguished self, and could you expound upon the reasoning behind your choice?

Hajeer Ninan Koya: If I were to choose one word that best describes me, it would be “resilient.” Throughout my journey as an entrepreneur and businessman, I have encountered numerous obstacles and faced challenging situations. However, I have always demonstrated resilience by bouncing back from setbacks, adapting to changes, and maintaining a steadfast determination to achieve my goals. Resilience has been a driving force behind my ability to overcome challenges, navigate through difficult times, and emerge stronger than before. It is this quality that has enabled me to lead my companies with resilience, finding innovative solutions and seizing opportunities even in the face of adversity.

The Arabia Times: We would like to know more about the visionary framework that you hold in highest esteem and how they seamlessly harmonize with your own exalted business philosophy.

Hajeer Ninan Koya: This is the vision to provide tailor-made business solutions for our clients and customers with our wide range of services and flexible business model. We are recognized as the most ideal company in the market. Our company has ethical standards and is completely committed to delivering quality, trust, and customer satisfaction. We encourage innovative methodology, upgrading the skills and knowledge of our employees every step of the way. The company adopts the latest technologies in the field of Oil and Gas, Civil Construction, and diversified material supplies. We follow a systematic approach to the quality of the products and services and are constantly improving our systems. Above all, we are dedicated to delivering creative outputs to our clients which are economically viable.

The Arabia Times: Casting a discerning eye towards the future, we beseech you to share your perspicacious vision of how you envisage the metamorphosis of the esteemed organization within the next biennial, and the pivotal role you foresee playing in instigating this transformation.

Hajeer Ninan Koya: Over the next two years, I envision Ace Inspire Group continuing its upward trajectory by securing more government contracts, expanding our presence in the industry, and diversifying our services. As the CEO and Managing Director, I will play a crucial role in driving the growth and transformation of the company. Leveraging my strategic acumen, business development expertise, and extensive network, I aim to position Ace Inspire Group as a prominent player in the regional market, fostering strategic partnerships and exploring new avenues for growth.


The Arabia Times: What benefits are your clients getting from “ACEINSPIRE” in this competitive world?

Hajeer Ninan Koya: Our esteemed clients derive several benefits from their association with Ace Inspire Group in this competitive landscape. One notable advantage is the comprehensive range of subcontracting and supply services we offer under one roof. This streamlines the procurement process, ensures cost efficiency, and enhances operational effectiveness for our clients. Moreover, our expertise in contract negotiations, coupled with our track record of successful project delivery, instills confidence and trust, making Ace Inspire Group a preferred partner in this demanding business environment.

Advice from Hajeer Ninan Koya

The Arabia Times: In conclusion, on this esteemed platform, is there any parting message you would like to convey to our esteemed viewers and readers?

Hajeer Ninan Koya: I would like to express my gratitude to The Arabia Times and its esteemed viewers for this opportunity to share my journey and insights. I extend my sincere appreciation to my dedicated team, valued clients, and partners who have been instrumental in the success of Ace Inspire Group. I emphasize the significance of perseverance, continuous learning, and embracing new opportunities in the ever-evolving business landscape. To aspiring entrepreneurs, I encourage you to pursue your dreams with passion and unwavering commitment, knowing that challenges can be overcome with the right mindset and determination.

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