Personal Life of Jack Boath

The Arabia Times: Explain your background and your Company in detail.

Jack Boath: Emirates Specialized Contracting and Oilfield Services L.L.C (ESCO) is an energy services company that provides specialized inspection, maintenance, project management and consultancy services related to asset life cycles, ultimately for sustainability and optimal operational efficiency.

ESCO is Emirati-owned and headquartered in the city of Abu Dhabi, traces its robust lineage back to its inception when it charted its course as an offshore support services company in the demanding Oil & Gas sector. With Emirati stewardship at its core and an international management team, the company embarked on a journey of value-add services, spanning inspections and maintenance, thereby gaining a reputation of reliability and excellence.

Key milestones punctuate our illustrious history, underlining our commitment to continuous improvement and growth. Our legacy has been strengthened by our unparalleled management consultancy services specifically for Offshore Rig and Platform Inspections, a niche we have carved for ourselves over time. We have always strived to not only meet industry standards but redefine them.

Subsequent to our successful service expansion, we championed the cause of industry competency and professional growth by establishing a centre of excellence for training under the auspices of ACTVET (Abu Dhabi Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training). This initiative fortified our commitment to strengthening industry knowledge and skillsets while empowering the workforce of tomorrow.

In a world where the landscape of technology is rapidly evolving, ESCO has shown foresight and adaptability by delving into Drones – Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV). This step symbolizes our continuous pursuit of innovation and our intention to foster a culture of digitalization, automation and academic research & development.

Reinforcing our dedication to technological innovation, we have consciously invested in advanced equipment with a particular focus on drone and robotic services. This strategic investment signifies our ambition to be at the forefront of industry innovation, influencing trends and setting benchmarks. Our journey, marked by these crucial milestones, reflects our perpetual ambition to push boundaries and inspire change in the sectors we serve.

Goals & Strength of Jack Boath

The Arabia Times: What are your goals?

Jack Boath: As we gaze into the future, ESCO’s vision is clearly focused on deepening customer relationships, forging new strategic partnerships and ensuring sustainability for our clients, all while continuing to drive value.

In the spirit of fostering deep and enduring customer relationships, we will strive to understand their unique needs and challenges better, so as to provide tailor-made solutions that add substantial value to their operations. We will continue to enhance our service offerings, always aiming to exceed our customers’ expectations and strengthen our position as their trusted partner.

In our quest for innovation and advancement, we will actively seek out partnerships that bring international advancements to our local markets. By aligning ourselves with entities that are at the forefront of innovation, we aim to bring the best of the global energy sector to the regions where we operate. These partnerships will not only bolster our service offerings but also empower us to contribute to the evolution of the local energy industry.

Sustainability is at the heart of our future plans. We understand that as an energy services company, we have a crucial role to play in shaping the sustainable future of the energy sector. Therefore, we will work relentlessly to integrate sustainability into every aspect of our operations, from our service delivery to our partnerships. We will work hand-in-hand with our clients to help them navigate their sustainability journey, offering them solutions that are both environmentally responsible and economically viable.

In essence, ESCO’s future is centred around strengthening our existing relationships, forging new partnerships that drive innovation and sustainability, and providing unparalleled value to our clients. As we navigate this exciting journey, we remain committed to our core values of quality, flexibility and customer focus.

The Arabia Times: What do you feel is the biggest strength of “ESCO” right now?

Jack Boath: As an industry leader in oilfield services, ESCO has continuously adapted and evolved to remain at the forefront of the energy sector. Our journey began by addressing niche and challenging areas, including those necessitating engagement with regulatory authorities and complex technical processes. Over time, our transformation into a turnkey services company has been a testament to our dedication to adaptability and comprehensive solutions.

As the energy sector gravitates towards renewables and greater technological sophistication, we have meticulously tailored our services to meet these dynamic changes. We have expanded our offerings into the realms of surveillance and renewables, harnessing cutting-edge technologies to facilitate robust energy solutions.

Our service expansion has empowered us to play an integral role in both government and private sectors. We view the evolution of the energy sector not merely as a challenge but as an opportunity to redefine our services, delivering innovative solutions that encapsulate the best of traditional and renewable energy systems.

Moreover, our focus on advanced technologies, including digitalization and automation, reflects our commitment to spearheading a future-ready energy sector. By maintaining our roots in oilfield services while embracing the technological and sustainable advancements, we are defining a new trajectory for energy services in the UAE.

In essence, ESCO is a company that stands at the crossroads of tradition and innovation, committed to providing services that are as adaptable as they are effective, driven by the ethos of continuous evolution in line with the shifting contours of the global energy landscape.

Path & Work Life

The Arabia Times: What was the path you took to get to where you are today?

Jack Boath: At ESCO, our relationships with our prestigious clients, including global giants like ADNOC, ARAMCO and Halliburton, extend far beyond the conventional bounds of service provision. We consider ourselves partners in progress, deeply ingrained into their operations, sharing their aspirations and shouldering their challenges.

Our ethos dictates that we become virtually inseparable from our clients, occupying shared spaces, representing their brand and working towards their goals. Our services are not merely about providing solutions, but about understanding the problems from the ground up. This intimate alignment with our clients’ requirements empowers us to deliver best-in-class services, whether it’s for resolving small-scale issues or tackling industry-wide challenges.

Our pride in our work is driven by our commitment to excellence, encapsulated by our belief that ‘we are only as good as our last job completion’. This principle drives us to consistently excel in our performance, ensuring that each task we undertake, no matter its size, is executed to the highest standard.

It is this unwavering commitment to quality that has helped us build lasting relationships with our global clientele, earning us their trust and repeat business. We consider these relationships to be a testament to our ability to maintain and uphold high standards of service.

Working with global brands has not just been about service provision, but about learning, evolving and shaping the future of the industry. Our collaboration with these industry leaders allows us to gain unique insights into industry trends and challenges, ensuring that we stay ahead of the curve and contribute meaningfully to the evolution of the industry.

In essence, our partnerships with these global brands serve as a testament to our commitment to continual growth, client satisfaction and our unwavering determination to drive the industry forward.

The Arabia Times: What inspired you to start an energy service company?

Jack Boath: We firmly believe that it is our commitment to quality, flexibility and diverse expertise that sets us apart in the competitive marketplace.

Quality is not just an attribute of our services; it is embedded in our ethos. Whether we are inspecting rigs or providing training, we never compromise on the standards we set for ourselves. Our reputation for delivering best-in-class services is testament to our unwavering dedication to quality.

Flexibility is another characteristic that distinguishes us. We understand that our clients operate in an ever-evolving industry and their needs and challenges are dynamic. Therefore, we maintain the ability to adapt and respond effectively to these changes, providing bespoke solutions tailored to meet each client’s unique requirements.

Moreover, the multi-purpose nature of our facilities and the multi-disciplinary expertise of our staff lend us a significant competitive edge. Our state-of-the-art facilities are designed to serve various purposes, from inspections to training, reinforcing our commitment to offering comprehensive solutions under one roof.

Meanwhile, our team of highly skilled professionals, with their diverse disciplinary backgrounds, ensure that we bring a rich blend of perspectives and skills to the table. This diversity enables us to solve complex problems effectively, delivering solutions that draw from various fields of expertise.

In essence, what sets ESCO apart is our holistic approach to service provision. We do not merely offer services; we provide solutions that are rooted in quality, flexibility and a rich tapestry of expertise, ensuring that we exceed our clients’ expectations at every turn.

Challenges Faced By Jack Boath

The Arabia Times: What have been the biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome during the journey of your leadership?

Jack Boath: In the dynamic landscape of the energy sector, challenges are part and parcel of our operations. One significant hurdle was the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the aviation sector, which affected several aspects of our operations. However, given the regulatory nature of our services and the continuing need for offshore operations, we were able to navigate these challenges effectively.

While the pandemic caused disruptions globally, we took it as an opportunity to reassess, innovate and adapt. Given our pivotal role in maintaining the integrity and safety of energy operations, we realized that our services were more crucial than ever. Consequently, we scaled up our operations to meet the increased demand and filled gaps in the market, providing uninterrupted support to our clients during these challenging times.

With regard to global supply issues and fluctuations in the energy sector, these external factors do pose challenges. However, our agile business model, coupled with our strong local partnerships, allows us to respond to these challenges effectively. Our resilience and adaptability have empowered us to navigate these fluctuations while continuing to deliver high-quality services.

Ultimately, these challenges reinforce our commitment to innovation, adaptability, and resilience. While they test our capabilities, they also provide opportunities for growth and learning, enabling us to continually improve and deliver value to our clients.

The Arabia Times: Can you give an example of a particularly challenging project you have worked on? How did you overcome any obstacles?

Jack Boath: ESCO is proud to announce that we have taken a leap into the future with a significant investment in drone technology. Having established a strong foothold in the UAE’s aviation landing inspections sector, we are now expanding our horizons by providing GCAA and FAA regulated training. This step allows us to deepen our clients’ knowledge and equip them with the skills to harness the efficiency of this cutting-edge technology.

Our drone operations have diversified our service range extensively. We now offer aerial coverage of offshore assets including rigs, barges, vessels, man-made islands, artificial islands, wellhead towers, wellhead platforms, satellites, complexes, and super complexes. Moreover, we have extended our surveillance and monitoring services to onshore assets such as pipelines and renewable energy assets spread across the UAE.

A noteworthy addition to our capabilities is our state-of-the-art training facility that boasts an actual helideck and IRATA Working at heights structure, providing our trainees with a realistic learning environment. This facility stands as a testament to our commitment to professional development and industry competency, as well as our dedication to offering hands-on learning experiences.

Our investment in drone technology represents a significant stride towards the future, affirming our position at the forefront of innovation in the industry. As we continue to integrate technology into our service offerings, we remain committed to shaping the future of energy services, paving the way for greater efficiency, safety and sustainability.

Skills & Future

The Arabia Times: What skills do you use to establish trust with clients?

Jack Boath: We place tremendous value on our relationships with suppliers and partners. Recognizing their critical role in our success, we approach these relationships with a long-term view, grounded in mutual respect and shared objectives.

One of the key strategies we employ to foster strong, long-term relationships with our suppliers and partners is prioritising in-country values. We strongly believe in promoting local businesses and supporting the local economies in each location. This commitment to the local community extends beyond just the commercial aspect, contributing to the socio-economic development of the region.

Further, we are always open to innovative technical solutions from our suppliers and partners. We consider them to be integral contributors to our innovation pipeline. By fostering an environment of open dialogue and collaboration, we encourage them to bring forth their unique perspectives, ideas and innovations.

Relentless innovation and transformative solutions are the bedrocks of our strategy. Our partners and suppliers play a crucial role in fuelling this ethos, allowing us to stay ahead of the industry curve and continually enhance our service offerings.

In essence, our suppliers and partners are not merely entities we conduct business with. They are our collaborators in growth, enablers of innovation and stakeholders in our mutual success. This collaborative and long-term approach to our relationships reinforces the interconnected nature of our operations and underlines our commitment to collective growth and success.

The Arabia Times: How do you see the company is changing in two years, and how do you see yourself creating that change?

Jack Boath: In the upcoming two years, I anticipate our company’s trajectory to be marked by robust expansion and technological advancement. Specifically, we have our sights set on broadening our horizons in Africa, especially the west coast region. Closer to home, our footprint in Saudi Arabia and Iraq is poised for considerable growth.

A significant component of our future strategy is to harness cutting-edge technologies. Our investment in robotics, drones, and ROVs is geared towards providing unmanned solutions, aligning with the global trend of optimizing operations while ensuring safety and efficiency.

I see my role as two-fold in this transformational journey. Firstly, I’m at the forefront of driving this tech-centric approach, ensuring that we remain at the cutting edge of industry advancements. Secondly, I’m committed to bolstering our licensing and accreditations, ensuring they are not only up-to-date but also a benchmark for excellence in our sector. Our clientele have come to associate us with the highest standards, and I’m dedicated to not only meeting but surpassing those expectations. In essence, I believe that by merging technological prowess with the gold-standard in industry practices, we are not just preparing for the future, but actively shaping it.

Vision & Projects of Jack Boath

The Arabia Times: Can you walk me through your process for developing, designing, and building energy-saving projects?

Jack Boath: Certainly! The realm of auditing, diving, rope access and inspections, especially in the context of servicing, demands precision as well as safety and innovation.

Assessment & Scoping: Our initial step involves understanding the specifics of the inspection required. This could be based on the type of infrastructure, depth, or any particular challenges anticipated. We conduct preliminary discussions with clients to identify the scale and objectives of the project.

Site Reconnaissance: Prior to the main project, we deploy reconnaissance teams to the site. They gauge the environment, ascertain potential hazards, and gather baseline data. This helps in formulating a more detailed plan.

Equipment Selection: Based on the requirements and the preliminary data, we determine the most suitable diving equipment, tools, and underwater vehicles (like ROVs) to ensure an efficient inspection.

Team Assignment: Each project might require divers with specific skill sets or certifications. We meticulously choose our diving team based on the project’s needs, ensuring expertise and safety.

Safety Protocols: Safety is paramount. We establish rigorous safety protocols, conduct equipment checks, and ensure all divers are familiar with emergency response procedures.

Operational Planning: This involves a detailed dive plan, setting clear roles and responsibilities, and establishing communication channels between the divers, support teams, and surface crew.

Execution: With planning and preparation complete, we move to the actual diving and inspection phase. Utilizing advanced imaging and detection tools, our divers meticulously inspect and document the site’s condition.

Data Collection & Analysis: The raw data collected during the dive undergoes thorough analysis. Modern tools and software allow us to convert this data into comprehensive reports, visual insights, and actionable recommendations.

Client Debrief: Once the analysis is complete, we present our findings to the client, offering insights into the inspected structure’s condition, potential risks, and suggested maintenance or repairs.

Continuous Training: The world of underwater inspections is dynamic, with new technologies and techniques emerging. Our divers and analysts undergo regular training sessions, ensuring they’re always equipped with the latest knowledge.

Review & Feedback: Every project provides learning opportunities. We review our operations post-completion, gathering feedback from the team and clients. This helps refine our processes for future missions.

The Arabia Times: What do you value the most about “ESCO” vision?

Jack Boath: The most exhilarating aspect of my role at ESCO is undoubtedly the vibrancy of our dynamic work environment. Every day in Abu Dhabi city, walking into the office is an invitation to learn, innovate and make a real impact. This vibrant city, with its rich history and forward-looking energy sector, offers an unparalleled backdrop for our daily operations in the epicentre of oil, gas and energy sectors. Its evolving landscape keeps us on our toes and fuels our drive to continuously adapt and improve.

What truly adds joy to my work, however, is the company culture we’ve fostered at ESCO and the people I work with. Our team, comprising of talented professionals from all over the globe, brings a unique blend of perspectives, skills and experiences to the table. This diversity not only enriches our work but also creates an environment that celebrates continuous learning and mutual growth.

One of the most fulfilling aspects of my job is the opportunity to address our customers’ challenges. Each day presents a new set of problems to solve and the chance to make a difference for our clients. The satisfaction that comes from knowing that we can professionally aid our clients in overcoming their obstacles and achieving their goals is deeply rewarding.

Moreover, the emphasis we place on professional development and continuous learning is something that I genuinely value. At ESCO, we believe in nurturing and retaining talent. Therefore, we invest heavily in training our people, equipping them with the skills they need to excel in their roles and contribute effectively to our collective success.

The introduction of new technologies and specialized individuals is also something that keeps the job exciting. We are constantly bringing in cutting-edge technologies and top-tier talents from across the globe, making every day a chance to learn something new and to challenge the status quo.

In conclusion, what excites me about my job is the combination of working in an evolving city like Abu Dhabi, the chance to make a real impact for our clients, the opportunity to learn and grow with my colleagues and the ability to continually push the boundaries of what is possible in the energy sector. It’s a unique blend of challenge, reward and growth that keeps me eager to start each day.


The Arabia Times: How do you stay up-to-date with the latest energy-saving technologies and trends?

Jack Boath: In an industry as dynamic as ours, staying current is not just beneficial—it’s imperative. We strive to ensure we’re always ahead of the curve:

Industry Publications & Reports: I regularly read oil, gas, and energy industry journals, reports, and publications. They provide invaluable insights into research, advancements, and best practices from across the globe.

Conferences & Trade Shows: Participating in and attending leading offshore and energy industry conferences and trade shows offers an unmatched opportunity to witness the latest technologies firsthand and interact with global experts.

Collaborations with Research Institutions: By partnering with academic and research institutions, we gain early access to groundbreaking studies and potential technological advancements, particularly in water reuse and green energy monitoring.

Training Programs: I ensure that our team is enrolled in continuous training and certification programs. As new technologies emerge in offshore applications or water recycling, it’s crucial our team is equipped with the necessary skills.

Engaging with Technology Vendors: Regular dialogues with technology providers and manufacturers give us insights into upcoming solutions tailored for offshore operations and energy efficiency.

Online Forums & Specialized Groups: I actively participate in online platforms and discussion groups related to offshore oil and gas. These communities are treasure troves of shared experiences and solutions to common challenges.

Pilot Programs: Before full-scale adoption, we often run pilot programs to test the feasibility and effectiveness of new technologies, be it in offshore drilling or green energy monitoring.

Feedback Mechanisms: Post-implementation of any new technology or process, we have robust feedback mechanisms in place. This ensures we continually learn, optimize, and iterate.

Networking: Engaging regularly with other industry leaders, professionals, and consultants helps in exchanging knowledge, discussing challenges, and exploring potential collaborative solutions.

Dedicated Innovation Team: We’ve set up a team focused solely on scouting and researching innovations in offshore operations, water recycling, and energy monitoring. Their insights and recommendations play a pivotal role in our strategic decisions.

Advice from Jack Boath

The Arabia Times: Would you like to say anything else to our viewers?

Jack Boath: I would like to touch on a few more facets of ESCO that underscore our commitment to delivering the highest quality services to our clients.

Firstly, our Diving (Underwater Inspection in Lieu of Dry-Docking, or UWILD) services showcase our capabilities to adapt to challenging environments while maintaining the highest safety standards. UWILD is a critical aspect of maintaining offshore structures and vessels. Our experienced and certified divers undertake rigorous underwater inspections and cleaning, ensuring the integrity of our client’s assets while minimizing downtime and keeping our oceans clean.

In addition to our operational capabilities, our accreditations and qualifications further affirm our commitment to quality. We are ISO-certified, in Information Security, Energy, Facility and Asset Management which is a testament to our adherence to international standards for quality, safety and environmental management. We also hold qualifications from leading classification societies like DNV and ABS. These certifications not only reinforce our commitment to quality and safety but also reflect our dedication to meeting the highest industry standards.

I would also like to highlight our expertise in Hydraulic Workover and Frac technology. Hydraulic workover units are a versatile and cost-effective alternative for well intervention operations and our Stage Completions’ Frac technology plays a crucial role in enhancing oil and gas recovery. Our specialists in these areas work tirelessly to deliver solutions that optimise our clients’ operations and maximise their returns.

Lastly, I’d like to mention our interest in emerging technologies and our Joint Venture Partnership with Hydrogenious LOHC technology. This technology uses Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers (LOHC) to safely and efficiently store and transport hydrogen, a critical element in the transition to a sustainable energy future. At ESCO, we are always exploring such cutting-edge technologies that can drive sustainability and efficiency in the energy sector.

We’re continuously advancing our capabilities, investing in emerging technologies and upholding the highest quality standards. This commitment to excellence and innovation allows us to continually deliver value to our clients and contribute to the evolution of the energy sector.

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