With a proven track record of transforming a startup into a thriving global business, I, as the Founder and CEO of IBT, have overseen the company’s remarkable growth, now boasting over 800 employees across five countries. With more than two decades of experience in the BPO industry, I possess a profound understanding of market dynamics, customer requirements, and the ever-evolving technologies that drive the future of this sector.

My leadership strengths encompass visionary guidance, strategic direction, business development, P&L management, unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, and a fervent dedication to innovation. I am deeply passionate about generating value and catalyzing positive change in the corporate realm.

Under my stewardship, IBT has achieved extraordinary success, earning multiple prestigious awards, securing substantial contracts, and introducing groundbreaking services that have reshaped the BPO industry. My unwavering commitment is to cultivate a culture of excellence, collaboration, and continual growth not only within IBT but also in the broader business landscape.

About IBT: Our Unique Outsourcing Partnership

We started the interview by asking, “Please brief our audience about your company, its USPs, and how it is currently positioned as a trusted outsourcing partner.”

Jai replied, “IBT is one of the largest BPO Company in Middle East.

Our audience is any mid-size to large businesses who want to enhance their profitability by reducing cost and increasing efficiency.

Whether you need to drive your business more efficiently or expedite revenue growth, we can get you there.”

A Closer Look at Our Impactful Offering

Then we asked, “Shed some light on your offerings and how they impact the industry and your clients?”

Jai answered, “We offer end to end Outsourcing services including but not limited to:

  1. Technology Outsourcing,
  2. Call Center Outsourcing,
  3. Customer Service Outsourcing,
  4. Procure to Pay Outsourcing,
  5. HR & Payroll Outsourcing.

IBT empowers global enterprises to facilitate a twin mandate:

  1. To make their existing operations productive as well as cost-effective.
  2. To fund innovation by unleashing new potential products across their organizations.

IBT is uniquely suited and qualified because of its intelligence to assist its clients in meeting both of the above-mentioned challenges. IBT helps them in intensifying productivity by ensuring that essential business functions work in a cheaper, better, and speedy manner. Our capability to conceptualize, engineer, and implement new and expanded capacities allows clients to remodel legacy models to take their business to the next level.

Their Industry Journey and Impact on Company Success

We were curious to know more about the founder of the IBT so we asked, “Please brief us about the featured person(s), their journey in the industry and how they have contributed to the company’s success.”

Jai replied, “I am the Founder & CEO of IBT, coming from a modest and middle-class family.

A job search led me to Dubai in 2004, when I was 19 years old that kick-started my career journey. Then, I worked for a year in a retail group for a salary of AED 1500 per month. But with my core competency in commercial sales, I chose to work in sales.

Thereby, started to work for an IT company in 2005 as a Sales Executive, earning 2000 AED a month; and subsequently began to excel in sales. Within a year, I became a star in that company and gained promotion to Sales Manager, and then to Sales Director in 2.5 years. After a healthy parting with my previous employer due to recession, I formed IBT.”

Overcoming Initial Hurdles

In pandemic time everyone faced difficulties in their business so we asked, “what initial challenges did you face and how did you drive your company to sustain operations while ensuring the safety of your employees at the same time?”

Jai answered, “Pandemic has changed the business dimensions completely for every company. To rise above this adversity has become everyone’s agenda.

Many of the enterprises are being shut down, due to the losses and the misfortune of inoperability that has been struck like a thunder called Covid-19. Businesses are in need to adapt to the dynamic changes presented by the ongoing pandemic.

Even with the vaccine mobilized, the after-effects of the pandemic have not completely left the global business paradigm.

Tackling these challenges head-on while growing company, retaining trust of Employees, Clients and Stake Holders is a first role of a CEO Today.

We always planned and spoke about digital transformation, but this situation accelerated it. We had to change / remove / add many strategies throughout this time and continue and still grow during these times. We allowed all employees to work from home with same level of support, KPIs and SLAs delivered to all customers. To support customers, he also offered free support for a month up to three months for customers who were financially impacted hard by pandemic.”

Nurturing Aspiring Entrepreneurs

We further asked, “What would be your advice to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the business outsourcing services market?”

Jai response, “Advising young generation of entrepreneurs, I suggest, Leadership & Entrepreneurship is very vast term, and everyone will have their own definition to it. But, to make things work:

  1. You must be passionate about what you are doing, or you are trying to do. Do not get into it or do not make it your profession out of your need unless you are not loving what you are doing.
  2. Do not worry about mistakes or failures which you have come across or you will come across. Do not stop. Keep moving forward.”

Envisioning Growth and Expansion

Then we asked, “How do you envision scaling your company’s operations and offerings in 2022 and further?”

Jai answered, “We are launching our operations in Saudi Arabia and targeting to grow IBT by atleast 20% then last year.”

A Testament to Our Market Standing

We want to know how many recognitions did he get so we asked, “Please give us a few testimonials of your clients/customers and a list of awards/recognitions that accurately highlight your organization’s position in the market. (If available/permissible)”

Jai replied, “In the past, IBT has been recognized multiple times by recognized media companies around the world for their approach to growth, customer relationship management, and people management. The firm was awarded as the Best Technology Company in UAE for 3 Years in a row for 2015, 2016, 2017 & Awarded Best Outsourcing Company in 2019, 2021 & 2022.

Last Award we got was from The Entrepreneur as Best Customer Service Outsourcing Company in Middle East.”

Adapting to Shifting Tides

At last we asked, “What is your opinion on the future of the business outsourcing industry concerning changing customer preferences due to the pandemic”

“Due to pandemic, globally all companies have gone through Digital Transformation as all most of the employees were working from home during 2021 and continue to do so this year too.

Revolution in AI, Machine Learning & Automation have made many tasks and operations automated which does not need human intervention anymore.

Keeping this in mind, outsourcing companies have to be on the edge of technology and keep Optimizing & Upscaling their workforce to stand against competition.” Jai concluded

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