James Giaprakis, CEO of Callos Wellness, embraces the Greek philosophy of Kallos, integrating physical beauty with moral and intellectual virtues. Callos offers premium cold-pressed mocktails and earth- forward sustainable cuisine at Callos Greens+. Beyond products, Callos fosters a community of wellness-minded individuals engaging in various local meet-ups, events, social competitions, and collaborations. Giaprakis emphasizes core values and an unwavering commitment to social responsibility.

James’s career lessons include faith, adaptability, economic awareness, and the importance of learning. His advice to entrepreneurs: embrace failure, continually learn, be confident, and persevere. Callos stands uniquely positioned in the wellness industry, reflecting an evolving vision and a team dedicated to positive impact on individuals’ lives.

Harmony of Beauty and Virtue

We started the interview by asking, “How does Callos philosophy of combining physical appearance and virtues of the soul align with your personal beliefs?”

James replied, “In order to respond to this query, let us first define Callos.

The ancient Greek word Kallos, aka Callos, means “beauty” or “beautiful.” However, Kallos is frequently linked to the idea of beauty in Greek philosophy and aesthetics, which includes not only physical appeal but also moral and intellectual brilliance. I think that in order to have a healthy, happy life, the mind, body, and spirit need to be in harmony and balance.

The creation of Callos embodies our vision of something limitless, unadulterated, and singular.”

The Roots of Inspiration

Then we asked, “What inspired you to start your professional journey in this field?”

James continued, “My adventure began when I was a young boy. Growing up, in Greece, I spent my childhood with my grandmother, who farmed the land and produced fruits, vegetables, nuts, and wine. I gained knowledge about the value of food and the necessity of ethical land cultivation, which always results in superior output. In addition, there was a story in our family about how we might use natural components in food recipes that can increase immunity or metabolism to treat minor ailments like headaches and colds instead of over-the-counter medications. I became involved in food manufacturing and the supply chain after moving to the United States, and I was astounded by how flawed the system was. Convenience and profit have taken precedence over anything else. The extreme lack of culinary education is undoubtedly a contributing factor to obesity and other disorders. I believed that I could bring about change in that system and develop something special that would improve the lives of others.”

Meet James Giaprakis

The Arabia Times: Can you tell us about you and your business?

James answered, I’m the co-founder and CEO of Callos Wellness. I previously found Drink Gifted, a beverage company based in NYC, and Wenger Industries, a transportation company based in Dallas, Texas. I have a bachelor degree from the University of London, and I have a passion for product development, innovation, and customer engagement.

Callos is a holistic wellness brand that’s revolutionizing the way you perceive food and drink. We specialize in crafting premium cold-pressed functional mocktails and locally sourced, sustainable-produced cuisine that is suitable for both takeout and dine-in at our physical locations, Callos Greens+.

Our range of high-quality beverages is carefully crafted with organic, non-GMO, sugar-free ingredients and is loaded with antioxidants, adaptogens, and nootropics that have been shown in studies that promote general health and wellbeing.

At Callos Greens+, you can get freshly made bowls and dishes with locally sourced organic ingredients that are prepared to meet any dietary requirement. We offer a cuisine that ranges from rainbow veggies to lean proteins and superfoods that are high in nutrients to meet your dietary goals. Whether it is to grow muscle, enjoy a balanced meal at work, or just lose weight.”

Visionary Leadership

The Arabia Times: How does James Giaprakis vision contribute to Callos unique positioning in the wellness industry?

Jamed replied, “That is a question that, if you had asked me a year ago, probably you would have gotten a different answer. Vision evolves as a person evolves. Same as the company. There are core values, but the vision should align with the people you serve. I guess what I and my team have in common is our sincere desire to assist people. Being one of the people we serve, we think like them and are proud of the work we do. Whenever we create a product, my first thought is always, “Would we give this product to our children?” The answer should be always YES. We are a team of diverse backgrounds. That compelled us to take a closer look at our guiding ideals which are: ethos, honesty, innovation, quality, elegance, transparency, and social responsibility. Those values would never change.

Callos: A Holistic Wellness Community

We further asked, “How Does Callos supports individuals on their path to wellness beyond providing products.”

James replied, “Callos would never be thought of as an assortment of goods. We are a community, a home, and a sanctuary to those who seek harmony and vitality

Keeping that in mind, we developed a strategy to enable us to assist our communities via our retail sites, which will serve as a center for engagement and education. We organized weekly cooking sessions with our executive chefs, educational gatherings to raise awareness among nutritionists and mental health professionals on a range of subjects, primarily the impact of everyday dietary choices on our emotional and mental well-being. There are free yoga lessons in upscale venues across the city, sports support for youngsters, and nutrition education programs in schools. Together, we learn, we grow, and we support each other on our individual paths to wellness and fulfillment.”

Then we asked, “In what stage is Callos now?”

James continued, Callos is moving to Launch/Entry shortly, in the region. January is a very busy month for us. We are all really, really excited.”

Wisdom from Experience

Lastly we asked, “What valuable lessons have you leaned throughout your career and what piece of advice that would you like to say to people just starting on their business journey?”

I learned that prayer can change things. That you cannot make it without faith in God. I also learned the importance of synchronicities. That loneliness opens the door to creativity. That, since every person’s path to success is different, comparison is something that leave me completely uninterested. Shelf-love is an important virtue. I discovered how to ride out storms rather than run from them. That monitoring macroeconomics it’s crucial on today’s economic landscape. Furthermore how to appreciate my victories just as much as I cherish my setbacks.

My advice to aspiring entrepreneurs to have the fear of failure, to be open to be misunderstood or not understood at all for long periods of time, to acquire the fundamental knowledge of the field they wish to enter, and to adopt the correct attitude. Being an entrepreneur means you must always be on learning mode. Technical reading on your field of interest it’s very important. Try to excel in your areas of talent, and hire others to fill in your weaknesses. Be uneasy all the time. Seize the chance to speak in front of an audience or enroll in the challenging course. Above all, your confidence has to be greater than anyone doubts about you; manifest what you want to achieve in life and match that vibration; and never give up. Ever!” James concluded

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