About Karolis Simniškis:

Karolis Simniškis is the founder of Space Vertical. Karolis Simniškis works in the leisure and entertainment industry since 2005. Karolis Simniškis has 17 years of experience organizing, manufacturing, and operating attractions and country-level commercial events in his motherland, Lithuania’s best European country. He is the creator of the first in the world mobile flights and digital traveling simulator “Space Vertical,” the president of “Baltic Entertainment Association,” businessman, and designer. He has won life’s award-winning project.

The Arabia Times: Explain your background and your Company’s in detail.

Karolis Simniškis: “As a teenager, I started to take a more serious interest in the entertainment business with gaming machines. By the age of 19, I was already managing the most popular attractions park in my home country Lithuania. Fast forward to today, and I have accumulated over 17 years of experience in the entertainment business”.

Mr. Karolis Simniškis started the “Space Vertical” product idea from the observation tower concept. Hearing initial feedback from his colleagues pushed him to search for a more creative and innovative approach, thus evolving the concept much further.

“All my life, I have been different from others. I was active and curious, constantly questioning and arguing, and did not follow standardized norms. Already in school, it was clear that my future would be tied to creativity and leadership.” Even in childhood, Karolis helped his grandfather Edward, who used to be the operator of the Soviet Union-made observation Wheel in the attractions park.

I started the “Space Vertical” product idea from the observation tower concept. People encouraged me to be more creative and innovative, so I started to think about improving the observation tower and changing it. This is how the Space Vertical simulator idea was born.

The inspirational story behind the “Space Vertical” name. The Renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci was the one who inspired the final idea hence we named it “Space Vertical”. As history tells, Leonardo da Vinci created the first flying machine concept. The Space Vertical simulator is an even more improved version of da Vinci’s creation in the context of the fourth industrial revolution in the 21st century.

Goals of “Space Vertical”

Karolis Simniškis: Space Vertical is the first portable observation flights and digital travels simulator in the world. Space Vertical founders in cooperation with European and international technology companies starts the international holding to attract investors and brands to invest in the global network of 1000 Space Vertical simulators, like flight and travel stations in the cities. The simulators network is the solution to Save the Planet by traveling digitally to decrease transport emission levels.

These new portable travel stations like a part of cities’ infrastructure and public service also will increase citizens’ abilities to travel digitally, explore the international architectural heritage in historical cities and enjoy the beauty of the natural heritage sites. Digital travel stations in the cities will localize citizens in the cities and decrease virus spreading levels, this will save people’s lives.

According to the study and economical prognoses, the Space Vertical simulator can be operated profitably in every middle-size city in the world.

The Arabia Times: What do you feel is the biggest strength of “Space Vertical” right now?

Karolis Simniškis: The uniqueness of our product and idea. If you can check our website the exterior design looks similar to the spaceship, which is attractive also.

Success Path of “Space Vertical”

The Arabia Times: How you think “Space Vertical” will attract a global brand

Karolis Simniškis: Looking at the world’s major entertainment venues, such as the London Eye and Brighton Tower, it is known that they collaborate with famous brands worldwide. Legatum da Vinci aims to attract a brand that would be interested in developing a global network of travel simulators and would contribute financially to the establishment of the network by acquiring the right to advertise in the places of operation and activities channels, as well as in the communication campaigns.

The authors of the idea are determined that the entire network, or units of flight simulators, would have a strong brand partner, such as Tesla, Mercedes-Benz. There are also plans to provide a proposal to SpaceX with a marketing offer for cooperation.

The Arabia Times: What was the path you took to get to where you are today?

Karolis Simniškis: Well, it was not an easy task. We did complete a long learning journey and we are still in the learning phase.

We required do marketing evaluations, identifying the customer’s needs, demands, and finding an expert team for such a unique project to develop. It was a huge challenge to prepare a technical project and took us about 3 years, and required many resources.

The Arabia Times: Why did you start “Space Vertical”?

Karolis Simniškis: I am an artist and designer, so I have been creating and expressing myself all my life. This product is new and has so much potential in the future. There must be a professional team and dedicated leaders for such hard projects. The fact that I have similarities to Leonardo da Vinci in the birth date, talents, and skills gives me more faith in myself and in the whole idea.

Overcoming Challenges

The Arabia Times: What have been the biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome during the journey?

Karolis Simniškis: The biggest challenge was collecting the professional company’s group team for such a difficult project. “Space Vertical” consists of 19 different European companies which are leaders in the technical field. It was a great challenge to find appropriate specialists who would dare to participate in this innovation development process.

These days it’s really hard to find hardworking, caring, and real professionals in their fields because nowadays, so many people want to be successful without much effort. In our case, the right people with skills are the key to reaching success.

The Arabia Times: Give us one word that describes you the best.

Karolis Simniškis: “Express” is the best suitable word to describe me. I am a passionate Team Leader.

Vision of “Space Vertical”

The Arabia Times: What do you value the most about “Space Vertical” vision?

Karolis Simniškis: I grew up in the Palanga city next to the sea, and it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in Lithuania. It means that in summer times there are many people and action, people know how to do business and are used to it.

My activities in the entertainment business started in my hometown Palanga, so I appreciate every chance there to improve my leadership, organizing, business making, and other skills.

The Arabia Times: Tell us about a project that forced you to be innovative and creative.

Karolis Simniškis: There are many different flying theaters globally, but they are not transportable ones. By analyzing the market, our Space Vertical saw that there is not such a unique product with a different design and functionality and has a story behind it.

About Funding of “Space Vertical”

The Arabia Times: Tell us something about the Simulators global network funding.

Karolis Simniškis: The developers of the product are creating Space Vertical, whose main goal is to attract international investors who would contribute to the development of this innovation – the creation and development of a global network of simulators. Investors can be individuals, companies, holdings, or investment funds from around the world.

The company intends to issue share issues for each financing of the network simulators under development, the values will be estimated differently, depending on the area and country of primary operation of the simulator, the business environment, and the unique visual content of flights. We are entering USA and global market b2c and are open for investments from 30 000 $ – 5 000 000 $. The shares will not be distributed on stock exchanges; investors will be able to purchase shares directly from the company’s owners and their representatives and intermediaries.

In 2024 the company expects to make the first share offering to fund the first network simulator, which will run in Europe.

The Arabia Times: Tell us about your Appeal to foreign countries

Karolis Simniškis: According to the recommendations, the product developers have selected a list of foreign countries in which should potentially be operated travels devices: Australia, the United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and others. The representatives of the product developers say that the list is not completed, but the manufacturers of the simulator invite the mentioned countries’ governments to express their interest to have the device in their state.

Leadership, Growth & Benefits

The Arabia Times: Tell us something about your memorable incident in your leadership?

Karolis Simniškis: During my life and leadership, every little or bigger victory for me is very important, but one of the most remarkable moments was not from my business side. It was when I met my soul mate and life partner.

Now we have built a strong relationship and during all phases of business, having family support is very important. We have so much in common. For example, we are from the same city, and she also grew up in the attractions business. So it may sound naive or simple, but the acquaintance with my woman when we are the best team is one of the best incidents.

The Arabia Times: How do you see the company changing in two years, and how do you see yourself creating that change?

Karolis Simniškis: Our main aim is to create a 1000 units global network of Space Vertical simulators. Then all people worldwide could travel virtually and have an amazing experience with their relatives and friends. When people see the simulator, they will feel all the massive power because of the size, movements, and unique design.

Also, these days, when the digital world is becoming more popular, we can see the growing potential of Space Vertical entering the metaverse opportunities. Through our simulator, people could enter different metaverse worlds and explore extraordinary metaverse universes.

The Arabia Times: Where is your leadership going? What benefits do your clients get from your company in this competitive world?

Creating and keeping a network of loyal people around is priceless value, and we are keen to grow the business so, in the future, we can live more freely and collect the value from the hard work that we did.

Our visitors will have the unique chance to observe the most wonderful sites of the world, educate themselves on innovation and feel the evolution of the history when entering the machine or use the simulator as a tool to explore digitized worlds in the future. Also, there are many cases when people can’t travel to the other side of the world to explore. This is why Space Vertical has great benefits, so it can be transportable from one country to another to give people chances to observe global beauty.

The thing is that other attractions like flying theaters are not transportable. They don’t have such an exterior design that creates a “wow” effect for visitors, especially about the experience. In this full world, so many attractions are based on the static screen and 3D glasses, but people want to have quality time during the experience. In our case, we let visitors share and collect their best memories with their friends and family.

What are the services/solutions or products offered by your company at par with the current industry standards? Tell us something about your upcoming products or services?

With Space Vertical, we offer the solution for the bigger activation of tourism destination visits. When people travel digitally with Space Vertical, then it will be much more exciting to travel to those destinations by themselves.

We are making progress in the technology field as well because in the future, when drone technologies will grow up, our machines will be able to fly and reach even more potential.

Digital traveling or just having an immersive experience these days are very beneficial because now there is reaching the point when virtual worlds look more beautiful and positive than reality.

Looking to the future, I am keen to continue my design skills by creating something new and useful for people. It’s important to follow the evolution and changes of humanity’s needs depending on life periods.

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