The Arabia Times: Explain your background and your agency’s in detail.

Mikhail Yunoshev:  As a former professional football player, I understand the importance of a well-structured and managed career. As an agent, I strive to provide my clients with the same attentive and personalized support that I would have liked as a player. I am passionate about creating the best possible outcomes for my clients, helping them establish and develop relationships with the best clubs, and assisting in every stage of their careers.

My journey to becoming a successful football agent has not been without its challenges. With the outbreak of Covid-19, the football world was thrown into a state of limbo, causing a great deal of uncertainty for my clients as well. Adapting to the changing environment has been tricky, and I have worked hard to help my clients stay ahead of the competition. It was also essential for me to keep a finger on the pulse of the football industry—researching, understanding, and anticipating trends in the market to ensure my clients were well placed to take advantage of the opportunities available.

Because of my technical expertise as a former professional player, I have been able to provide detailed technical analyses of players for clubs and help them select the right ones for their teams. I’ve also gained a wide range of contacts and resources to help my clients negotiate the best deals, and I am proud of the success that many of them have achieved.

Through my work, I want to make a lasting impact on the football industry and, ultimately, the lives of my clients. In addition to my current work as an agent, I am also passionate about developing and promoting youth football in Spain. To that end, I am intricately involved in several football academies, where I provide guidance and support to young players on their journey to a professional career. In the spring of 2021, I hope to launch an online platform where I can offer consultancy to a broader audience and help more aspiring footballers realize their goals.

My journey from professional football player to football agent has been long and hard-fought. Rather than relying solely on luck, I believe my success is a result of my hard work, determination and passion for the game. My success is also testament to the invaluable support of the people around me, including my friends, family and mentors, who have helped me in many ways. I am grateful to all the people who have been part of my journey and for helping me to achieve something that I can be proud of.

The Arabia Times: Give us one word that describes you the best.

Mikhail Yunoshev: Purposefulness

The Arabia Times: Why did you start ADM SPORTS AGENCY?

Mikhail Yunoshev: Having started on this path, I know that it is my life’s work. Understanding that I am helping realize a dream gives me the push and determination to move forward and not give up. Knowing that I have the unwavering support of my closest family and friends helps me to remember that I do not have to do this alone. Every present moment is laying the groundwork for a better future: this motivates me to love and work harder than ever before.


The Arabia Times: What are your goals?

Mikhail Yunoshev: At ADM, we are committed to providing talented players a clear path forward. Unfortunately, many players with great potential are overlooked in the absence of someone recognizing their ability. Each and every footballer we represent is a part of our family, and we go to great lengths to ensure they are given the opportunity not only to develop, but also to succeed. It is only through ambition and hard work that a lasting legacy can be established, and it is our mission to help both players and the game of football to reach its full potential.

The Arabia Times: What do you feel is the biggest strength of ADM SPORTS AGENCY right now?

Mikhail Yunoshev: Our agency is renowned for converting our aspirations to reality. No matter how high the hurdles we need to overcome, we are undeterred and gain the peak we are striving for. It starts with confidence and dedication, and our team is filled with talented professionals who are devoted to reaching our objectives. Nothing stands between us and success.


The Arabia Times: What was the path you took to get to where you are today?

Mikhail Yunoshev: For the last two and a half years, ADM has grown from a small, independent agency into one of the best and most promising agencies in Spain. The letters in its name – A for Alexander, D for Daniil and M for Mikhail – signify the three people behind its success.

In 2022, one of ADM’s players, Emilio Azizli, made the difficult decision to leave football. Although this posed a challenge, the connection between Mikhail and Emilio was strong and Emilio eventually joined the agency to work in the scouting department. Since then, they’ve both worked hard and endured some of the challenges which all young companies face.

Their hard work has gone a long way, and recently Mikhail was officially licenced by FIFA as a professional agent, allowing them to take their business to a whole new level. They have now traveled around Spain and the surrounding area twice in an effort to build the business.

Every day, Mikhail and Emilio strive to make the company better than it was yesterday, and they have great aspirations and plans for the future. The bond between Mikhail and Emilio has enabled them to bring out the full potential that their agency has, and the future looks extremely promising!

The Arabia Times: What have been the biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome during the journey of your leadership?

Mikhail Yunoshev: Every agent knows that patience and time are the most difficult elements of their job. During droughts, lasting for 3-4 months, I will find myself wondering, ‘What am I doing wrong?’ However, having gone through these situations over time, I now understand that any dearth will likely be followed by a large influx. In the last two months, we have been exposed to over five hundred enquiries. Although we are unable to respond to all of them, plentiful opportunities are arising for both us and the players.

The Arabia Times: What are the key values which helped you to overcome the challenges in your path? Tell us something about your memorable incident in your leadership?

Mikhail Yunoshev:  Having a strong sense of self-confidence is invaluable when it comes to succeeding in life. With strong self-confidence, one has the ability to push through difficult challenges, take risks, and stay resilient despite setbacks. On the other hand, those with lower confidence levels are often unable to take advantage of opportunities due to fear and self-doubt. Thus, it is important to work on building a strong foundation of confidence as early as possible.

Setting a purposeful direction for oneself is another important key to success. Having a clear sense of direction helps to organize one’s thoughts, time, and resources and helps them to stay focused on what matters most. Furthermore, it gives an individual the motivation to continue working towards their goals, whatever they may be.

Success is never achieved alone. It requires trust. This means trusting in yourself, having faith in your convictions, and trusting others to stand by you and support you when you need it. Likewise, it also means having loyalty to one’s work and the people one works with. Being reliable and honest helps to build stronger connections and foster a healthy and successful work environment.

Last but not least, success also requires restraint and innovation. Having the ability to stay focused on the tasks at hand and having an eye for new possibilities creates an ever-changing and exciting atmosphere. This encourages individual growth and team collaboration, as well as the development of new insights and ideas.

In conclusion, there is no single aspect of success that stands out as the most important. Instead, a combination of confidence, purposefulness, loyalty, trust, restraint, and innovation are all needed to truly reach one’s goals. However, by placing the time and energy into cultivating each of these traits, one will be able to reap the rewards of their hard work and determination.


The Arabia Times: What do you value the most about ADM SPORTS AGENCY vision?

Mikhail Yunoshev: We take great pride in our modern approach at this agency, where we welcome the active participation of fresh minds in order to develop and innovate in our industry, allowing us to stand out from the traditional agents.

The Arabia Times: What are the strategies of ADM SPORTS AGENCY and how do you stand unique from others?

Mikhail Yunoshev: We approach every player with an individual approach, Emilio and I. We enjoy spending time with our players, creating an atmosphere that is open and amiable. To us, each player is not only an athlete, but a son, brother, or friend. We dedicate our lives to our players, each of whom is part of the ADM family. We devise strategies that aid our players both on and off the pitch, helping them academically and with personal matters, thus setting us apart from the rest.


The Arabia Times: How do you see the agency changing in two years, and how do you see yourself creating that change?

Mikhail Yunoshev: We anticipate that we will be situated in the top 3 in Spain and reach the top 20 globally. We expect our players to increase from 60 to over 200, dispensed over a variety of countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. To make this happen, we will have to keep learning, pushing our limits, and dedicate ourselves to our work while having a passion for it. This will also result in a substantial fostering and diversification of ADM, contributing to great advances for our Agency.

The Arabia Times: What benefits are football players getting from ADM SPORTS AGENCY in this competitive world?

Mikhail Yunoshev: We provide direct, effective working methods that leave our customers impressed not only at the speed of our work, but with the successful implementation of each task as well. Those who work with us feel connected to us as if we were friends.


The Arabia Times: Would you like to say anything else to our viewers?

Mikhail Yunoshev: I am delighted to share my story and my work with you, readers. I hope to inspire you to never give up, no matter what anyone may say. The path we tread is determined by God, and He allows us to experience both good and bad things in life with a purpose. Believe in your inner strength, and that anything you put your heart and soul into can be achieved. Do what your passionate about and fill your life with love and joy.

I am deeply grateful for you taking the time to read this. Your support is what drives me to pursue my passions.

Thanks again,

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