Priyanka Sengar’s Personal Life & Work Life

The Arabia Times: Explain your background and your Company in detail.

Priyanka Sengar: I belong to a beautiful city of India, Jodhpur, where I grew up and studied and later, I started my corporate career from Delhi. Having worked for around 14-years of diversified experience across different MNCs in India and UAE, I decided to quit my well-paying job to lead a change!!

And then Women First Jobs was borne. My vision for Women First Jobs is a desire to address the significant job gap for females and pay-disparities being faced by women professionals!

Beyond that, I wanted to do something great for the society especially towards women empowerment and child development. So, I designed my platform in such a way that corporates collaborating with us, are helping in our mission to give back to societal needs without paying extra.

It doesn’t end here, our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives and support are very important to demote discrimination and promote diversity and inclusion. Embracing DEI principles ensures compliance with the government laws while also demonstrating ethical business practices.

In February 2023, I took on the role of Founder & CEO of Women First Jobs in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Since then, I have dedicated myself to creating a global corporate culture that values and respects the contributions of women.

I am confident in my ability to transform the corporate landscape. I firmly believe that a society that supports and uplifts women benefits both businesses and customers alike.

My mission was clear: “to establish a platform that empowers women, appreciates their contributions, and fundamentally alters the corporate environment to be more inclusive”.

The Arabia Times: Why did you start “Women First Jobs”?

Priyanka Sengar: This seems already answered within the answers above. I started the Women First Jobs to lead a Change! Which was very much needed?

The Arabia Times: How would others define your communication style? Do you prefer to be close to your employees or maintain a healthy distance, and why?

Priyanka Sengar: Well, I support Open-door policy, employees are asset, and everyone is unique, you need to groom and utilize their strengths. I prefer to listen to them and welcome their ideas, discuss pros, cons, and mentor them, guide them in line with company vision and mission.

Maintaining a healthy distance is good but we should make sure this distance is only to respect each-other’s privacy, not to allow hesitation to employees!

Strength & Goals of Priyanka Sengar

The Arabia Times: What are your goals?

Priyanka Sengar: To promote gender-parity, pay-parity, and women empowerment in the corporate world.

To advocate for diversity, equity, and Inclusion for the corporates.

To contribute to the cultural change by challenging gender stereotypes, promoting inclusive leadership practices, and fostering an environment where diverse perspectives are valued.

Whoever gets associated with Women First Jobs should get a platform where we all grow together and contribute to the better working and happier atmosphere patterned with DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion).

The Arabia Times: Give us one word that describes you the best.

Priyanka Sengar: Unstoppable.

The Arabia Times: What do you feel is the biggest strength of “Women First Jobs” right now?

Priyanka Sengar: Our biggest strength is our niche we are working on. We are working to promote Women Empowerment by letting them get the career they deserve for, by convincing the corporates for specific roles “Why not Female talent for this role?” and proving this with our best talents placement. We are giving the opportunities to let Women Grow, and when then Thrive, they contribute to their family, the whole society in an indirect way.

When you empower a Female, there are many folds benefits to society, because that empowered talents empowers and employs the needy people (Say helps at home) and then that helps at home empowers the child to study and then we empower the nation and this PLANET.

Additionally, our platform can also help the corporates for their ESG or CSR mandates somehow, based on value adds we do for the organizations.

Next, our biggest strength is our jobseekers as well. Who are our Heroes! Who doesn’t stop only after getting placed but when we groom them, and we train them they are our ambassador because we emphasize on our training and coaching as well where they will thrive on the workplace.

Path Took by Priyanka Sengar

The Arabia Times: What was the path you took to get to where you are today?

Priyanka Sengar: I witnessed with my own experiences and from societies I have seen for past several years, that Women back off and even very talented women sacrificed their career and choose to be at home, also because there was no dedicated platform to address this gap and put their CVs or consult them or motivate them or get them placed.

In the market everyone is talking about the job placements and recruitments, but no one has been voicing supporting DEI, supporting female recruitment, or giving an equal opportunity or the platform for females, so this is how it triggered me to start something like Women First Jobs, which stands as world’s only Global platform for “women-only-talents” with its contribute vision.

Challenge Faced by Priyanka Sengar

The Arabia Times: What is the biggest challenge you have faced in your career? How did you overcome it and what did you learn from it?

Priyanka Sengar: This question is close to my heart and emotions. In my corporate journey, I have experienced criticism, and was under-valued and people didn’t pay attention to the ideas and thoughts (especially in “male-dominating” world). Even in recent past, I faced a few people laughed out if I wanted to replace all male with female…: D

Well, every person has different perception. Here we are not to replace all male, but we are the world’s UNIQUE Platform where Women-only-talents are centralized to help out the corporates there.

I have a vision and a mission to help the corporates to achieve their gender diversity, equal-opportunities, perfect talents, and fulfill the DEI policies, while also helping women to get the best-in-class corporate career.

The thing is that you need to prove yourself and you can only do it with your work there is no shortcut for work.

Knowledge about the Company

The Arabia Times: How have you stayed up-to-date with industry trends and technology?

Priyanka Sengar: I keep on reading the market trends and like to network with the people from where I can actually understand the market and its changing dynamics and how we can change our self-according to that.

Not only this I have a team of dedicated professionals who are well versed with the knowledge and expertise and they know the market very well.

The Arabia Times: What makes you stand out from other Job Portals?

Priyanka Sengar: Women First Jobs stands out unique in the World when it comes with values which are immersed with every employee in our company, partners and corporates collaborating with us.  It’s a vision, its dream for better world. It’s not a so called, Generic Job Portal (which are just business oriented). We are providing a platform keeping in mind to support multiple initiatives for talents, for corporates and for Society as well!

To conclude, we don’t wish to keep ourselves in the league of other Job portals as we don’t count them as competition. We do unique than what every other job portal does.

Advice from Priyanka Sengar

The Arabia Times: Would you like to say anything else to our viewers?

Priyanka Sengar: I would like to share to the world out there, especially female talents – “Never underestimate yourselves, Women talents are thriving, just use the right platform. Never think that now you are married, or now you have kids, these are part of life, and we should happily accept these times and thrive further.

And for the corporates, we urge to give opportunity to female talents as well and let’s support the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. Women First Jobs is a platform can also be used to collaborate and learn real human values by joining our donation drives without any extra cost by the corporates. We gladly collaborate to make it a better world!

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