Personal & Work life of Rajan Narasimhan

The Arabia Times: Explain your background and your Company’s in detail.

Rajan Narasimhan: Experienced Operations and Technical Champion in the field of Well Services Chemicals with a demonstrated history of working in the oil & energy industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Petroleum, Operations Management, Strategic Sourcing, and Contract Management. Strong engineering professional with a PGDBM focused in Finance from All India Council for Technical Education.

The Arabia Times: What sets “ENROIL” apart from other Oil and Gas companies in the market?

Rajan Narasimhan: Enroil provides chemical solutions that are customer centric and what is required by the operations, in addition Enroil has its own blending facilities in Oman, which allows us to produce some of the niche chemicals that is required in the industry locally in Oman, thus providing a 100% ICV (In-Country Value Proposal) for all its client’s in Oman.

Strength & Innovation of Rajan Narasimhan

The Arabia Times: What do you feel is the biggest strength of “ENROIL” right now?

Rajan Narasimhan: Enroil takes pride in its team that works relentlessly to provide the deliverables so required by the Oil & Gas industry, by providing just in time deliveries, local stocking options, consignment stock options, warehouses strategically located near the port (Sohar) and in Nizwa (which is the epi center for all the movements to the Oil & Gas Locations). In addition Enroil has a robust HSE mechanism and is affiliated with ISO 9001, 18001 and 45001.

The Arabia Times: Can you discuss some of the current trends and innovations in the Oil and Gas industry that “ENROIL” is exploring?

Rajan Narasimhan: Enroil today is discussing with all its technical partners to see how it can provide localized solution, which not only supports the Oman Economy, but also at the same time provides job opportunities to young and old Omani’s and thus contributing to the welfare of the local Omani workforce.

Challenges & Competition

The Arabia Times: Can you speak to any challenges or obstacles that “ENROIL” has faced in the industry, and how the company has overcome them?

Rajan Narasimhan: The main challenges in the Oil & Gas industry is to make sure that the availability of the chemical solutions when required by the client, as most of the chemicals are imported and has a long lead time for it to arrive to Oman from various parts of the world, Enroil has a rigorous inventory management team which tracks all the requirements for its clients and ensures that based on the various lead time, it communicates with its vendors and ensures that the goods are shipped on time and the chemicals are available for its clients Just in Time.

The Arabia Times: How does “ENROIL” stay competitive in a crowded and rapidly-changing market?

Rajan Narasimhan: That is a tricky question, and the market forces and competition are always dominated by price as well as the quality of the chemical or the services it provides to its client’s in Oman. Enroil does not compromise on the quality, packaging and deliverables, which makes us more customers centric and thus gains the loyalty of its customers. Also to remain ahead of the competition Enroil also tries to provide value added services and does not limit itself only to chemical solution, but also services that could be introduced for the first time in Oman, which makes Enroil the One Stop Shop Solution for the industry and its clients.


The Arabia Times: What is the difference between upstream and downstream oil and gas sectors?

Rajan Narasimhan : We at Enroil categorize as follows:

  1. Upstream : All the activities and the support you provide to the Oil & Gas industry which helps them in bringing the Hydrocarbons to surface, should and is considered as upstream. Which could be
    1. Drilling and Mud Applications
    2. Cementing Applications
    3. Stimulation Applications –
      1. Acidizing
      2. Fracturing – Hydraulic Propp Frac & Acid based.
    4. Downstream: All the activities that support these Hydrocarbons to be moved to the refinery & process, which includes:
      1. Transporting of Crude and Gas to processing units.
      2. Water treatment and allied applications.
      3. Process in the refinery.
      4. Gas treatment for Sour Gas requirements etc.

The Arabia Times: How does “ENROIL” approach diversity and inclusion within the company and its workforce?

Rajan Narasimhan: Enroil does not believe in nationalities, our first aim is always to empower the local Omani workforce and at the same time have a balance with other nationalities based on their talent and merit. Enroil is open for all nationalities as long as we as an organization are able to cover the local requirements of the law and the decrees so set and ensuring that the local talent is given a chance to succeed in the organization.

Future of Enroil

The Arabia Times: How do you see the company is changing in two years, and how do you see yourself creating that change?

Rajan Narasimhan: Enroil has already diversified itself from:

  1. Trader to a Solution Provider.
  2. Trader to a manufacturer of specialty chemicals in Oman.
  3. Trader to a service provider, providing niche applications through its partners across the global.

In addition to the above, Enroil believes in the introduction of new technology in terms of chemical advancements that are happening in its principals R & D facilities and ensuring that these solutions reach the right customer and provides value addition in terms of applications as well as in terms of cost savings to its customers.

Advice from Rajan Narasimhan

The Arabia Times: Can you discuss any advice or insights that you would give to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to enter the same industry?

Rajan Narasimhan: Enroil vision & mission has always been to be apt with its customers, their needs and requirements are what need to be fulfilled and that is what brings in their loyalty to you. Our take to all aspiring new entrepreneurs would be to focus on the customer needs, not on what you have to sell. Provide value added services and not just be one more competition in supplying products or services to your clients. Be the first choice of the customer and not being the last choice of the customer, market yourself as you are there for them always.

The Arabia Times: Would you like to say anything else to our viewers?

Rajan Narasimhan: As mentioned, to be ahead of the game, be the choice of your customer, stick close to know their requirements. Never push your product or services unless you have aligned yourself with their needs and requirements first. Once you have the customers loyalty, then you could introduce or bring in your suggestions which you think could bring about a change to the customer and it could benefit them in the future.

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