Explore the Dynamic World of VEE Agency: From creating dazzling experiential events that captivate audiences to offering seamless virtual experiences through Bettercast. VEE Agency, led by Regina Lysaught’s two decades of expertise, stands at the forefront of innovation in event management and marketing. Bettercast, a separate business owned by the team, complements their physical experiences by providing event streaming services. Discover their success stories, client-centric approach, and the versatile Bettercast platform, as VEE Agency continues to build a vibrant tribe of clients and redefine the realm of unforgettable experiences.

Embarking on the Journey

We started the interview by asking, “Explain your background and your Company in detail.”

Regina replied, “VEE Agency is a full service experiential marketing and events agency based in Melbourne, Australia. Established in 2019 by founder and director, Regina Lysaught, VEE Agency has grown to a core team of 4 full-time employees along with a multitude of freelancers, casual workers and contractors to ensure the highest quality of every activation that we are engaged to do. We specialise in experiential marketing, brand activations, sponsorships, event management, conferences, festivals, sampling, community events and all things in between.

We take a hands-on approach from the initial concept stage to the final execution, working closely with our clients to ensure that every detail is perfect. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to creating innovative and engaging experiences that resonate with audiences and leave a lasting impact on their lives.

VEE Agency operates Australia wide and has the resources to service international clients. Along with being an event management and marketing agency, VEE Agency also owns and operates an online event streaming platform called Bettercast – a seamless and affordable solution for all online and hybrid events.”

The Arabia Times: Give us one word that describes you the best.

Your Answer: Versatile.

Crafting Perfection

The Arabia Times: How does VEE Agency maintain a hands-on approach in experiential marketing, from concept to execution?

Regina replied, “VEE Agency works hard and closely with our clients to ensure that they are excited by each detail of the activation. We give ourselves time to fully understand the brand’s identity, tone and vision of our client, as well as understanding their target market. We set internal and external KPIs for each activation so that we can measure our success alongside expectations. We ensure that we are available at any time to assist the client and answer any questions that may arise from the concept stage to the execution stage. VEE Agency also likes to work closely alongside any suppliers or contractors to ensure a shared vision and outcome that is best for our clients.”

VEE Agency in Action

The Arabia Times: Can you provide examples of VEE Agency’s past projects that showcase its commitment to creating innovative and engaging experiences?

Regina replied, “Sydney Shimmer Festival was a four-day celebration of the Sydney precinct. The free event spanned across 13-16 October and featured performances, live entertainment, food and drink, a Festival Gala Dinner and a range of kids’ activities and creative workshops. There has never been an event dedicated to celebrating all things sparkle and shimmer, making this a unique and innovative event concept that was a perfect fit for the demographic and culture of the area. The event space was decked out with shimmer walls, neon signs, a glittering stage and a community wall for guests to create their own shimmering art. The event featured 15 creative workshops, 32 market stalls, a selection of international food trucks and over 40 artists performing on stage. VEE Agency handled full project management, on-site event management, permits, licensing, budgeting, sponsorship and reporting.

Pretty Little Thing is a global fashion retailer aimed at 16-41 year old women. To promote the company’s newest collection with Australian influencer Ella May Ding, VEE was tasked with creating an influencer launch party to create buzz around the brand and promote the new clothing line. Hosted at iconic Melbourne venue Chin Chin, the event needed to represent the brand’s image perfectly: beauty, grace, and of course, lots of pink. We decked out the space with feminine decor and loads of floral, with unique clothing displays throughout the space. The night featured free food and drinks, creative clothing displays, plenty of photo moments, and tons of branded assets including cocktails with the Pretty Little Thing brand printed onto the foam. These cocktails were created using a Ripple Printer, an innovative product that can print any image onto the foam of a cocktail or cup of coffee. VEE Agency owns this technology and leases it to clients for our events. There is only one other Ripple Printer available across all of Australia, which made this a very unique event element.”

Crafting Brand Narratives

The Arabia Times: In event management, how does VEE Agency align concepts with a brand’s identity and strategy, and what role does stakeholder engagement play?

Regina replied, “During the concept and ideation phase, VEE Agency makes sure to work closely with our new client to grasp their identity and goals. We do this by regular meetings, using all resources available, diving deeper into their social media and website and doing our own research into the target audience. When we are researching which external suppliers and stakeholders would be best suited to engage with, we not only look at the visual aspect of the products, but also the quality, the consumer satisfaction rate as well as the ethical and environmental impacts of the business.”

VEE Agency’s Sponsorship Expertise

The Arabia Times: Could you share insights into VEE Agency’s sponsorship services, specifically how it approaches proposal development, lead generation, and negotiation?

Regina replied, “When VEE Agency is engaged to assist with sponsorship, we take it upon ourselves to do a deep dive into the brand’s identity in order to perfectly align potential sponsors for the event or the brand as a whole. We are focussed on collaborating with the brand/event to create a highly detailed and specific pitch deck so that potential sponsors can understand what the brand is asking for and what they will receive in return. When we receive potential interested sponsors, we make sure to set up consultation meetings, either face to face or virtual to understand their business, what they have to offer, how they align with our client and what they are looking for in return. Once we have gathered all of the relevant information, we discuss options with our client to ultimately decide on the outcome. Negotiation is an important part of any sponsorship and this is a task that we work closely on with our client to ensure the best possible outcome.”

Bettercast Brilliance

The Arabia Times: What sets Bettercast, VEE Agency’s virtual event platform, apart, and can you share a success story of a virtual or hybrid event hosted on it?

Regina replied, “Bettercast was created to allow any event organiser, whether they are well versed in technology or not, to easily set up a virtual or hybrid event. We have made sure to include all standard operations of a streaming platform and have minimised the amount of click through and setting up obstacles to ensure that all events are set up to maximise what you get out of them, without having to turn on a whole list of settings or add-ons. Bettercast is very transparent with its pricing structure and all clients have access to personal help from our team whenever it is needed.

Bettercast is an Australian owned and globally operated business with cost effective options to suit all budgets. It has the ability to run multistreaming conferences or simple live streaming, it has a paywall for ticketing, it can host video on demand, can be set-up easily by clients or we can set-up the conference for you. It has a clear schedule, headshots and bios can be uploaded, a sponsors exhibition section and the ability to upload presentations and documents.”

Seamless Experiences, Effortless Registration

The Arabia Times: How does VEE Agency ensure a smooth registration and ticketing process for virtual and hybrid events, and what customization options does Bettercast offer?

Regina replied, “VEE Agency understands the many ticketing types that often go hand in hand with running a conference, virtual or not. Through the BetterCast platform, event organisers can easily set up as many ticket registration types as necessary which allows them to sell different packages and types of inclusions. All options are presented to audiences with clear descriptors of what each ticket includes. By allowing event organisers to separate out their registration types, they can then filter emails, run reports and more based on the ticket purchased.”

Crafting Excellence

The Arabia Times: How does Your 20 years of experience shape VEE Agency’s approach and contribute to project success?

Regina replied, “My 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry brings a wealth of knowledge, practicality and wide network to VEE Agency. I’ve taken pride in developing strong relationships with all clients and take the time to understand their vision on a whole. By establishing this trust and connection, VEE is able to work really hard and put personal care into all the jobs that we do to achieve the best outcome possible. This personable approach sees VEE Agency having many return clients and outstanding testimonials. Furthermore, VEE is fortunate to have a wonderful network of contractors, staff and suppliers that we can rely on to produce high quality work. 20 years of experience also means a plethora of knowledge across multiple event types and industries. Working in events often requires an understanding of various other industries such as construction, artistry, AV, council requirements and more. Having established knowledge in these areas allows VEE Agency to work in a streamlined and well informed manner.”

Tailoring Brilliance

The Arabia Times: Can you share a case where VEE Agency successfully adapted experiential marketing or event management strategies to meet the unique needs of a specific industry?

Regina replied, “In 2022, VEE Agency was engaged by the New South Wales Government to create an event that drove visitation to an area of Sydney to bring the city back to life after Covid- 19. The government wanted to see an event or activation that drew people to a particular location where they were able to support local businesses and increase the economic impact of the city overall. VEE Agency chose the Darling Hurst precinct in Sydney, known for its vibrant nightlife and ties to the LGBTQI+ community. In order to meet the requirements of the NSW Government and celebrate the wonderful area, we decided to put on a dazzling 4 day festival called Sydney Shimmer Festival. The festival program was packed with local artists, musicians, workshops, food trucks and stallholders with something for everyone to enjoy. We also had a Shimmer Bar which was stocked with drinks from all of our wonderful sponsors. The festival was free to attend and everyone was encouraged to wear their best shimmer and glitter outfits. This festival created an amazing opportunity for the community and helped bring Sydney back to life after the struggles of the global pandemic.”

VEE Agency’s Final Note

Lastly we asked, “Would you like to say anything else to our viewers?”

We look forward to building our tribe and our client family.” Regina concluded

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