Explore the dynamic journey of Maqina magazine since its founding in 2014, driven by a vision to redefine motoring publications in the Middle East. From print to digital evolution, Maqina has captivated readers with high-quality reviews, exclusive road tests, and the excitement of driving. Discover the unique aspects of their video reviews, featuring authenticity and unbiased insights. Dive into compelling interviews with automotive leaders, gaining unparalleled industry perspectives. Maqina caters to both casual readers and hardcore enthusiasts, ensuring engagement through various channels. Stay updated with the latest car news and developments as Maqina pioneers the future of automotive journalism. Uncover memorable features, including an impactful story on the rise of electric vehicles in the Middle East. Looking ahead, Maqina promises an exciting future with the upcoming launch of the Arab Car of the Year (ARABCOTY) awards. Despite challenges, Maqina continues to address the diverse Middle Eastern market with comprehensive coverage. In closing, a heartfelt message from the founder expresses gratitude to viewers, pledging to maintain the passion, innovation, and excellence that defines Maqina. He have describes himself as a Resilient person.

Unveiling the Evolution of Maqina Magazine

We started the interview by asking, “Can you tell us about the journey of Maqina magazine since its founding in 2014? What inspired the creation of the magazine, and how has it evolved over the years?”

Tarek replied, “Back in 2014, when I launched Maqina magazine, there were some well-established automotive magazines on the market. In spite of that, I wanted to create something different from every other motoring publication in the Middle East. That is why I founded Maqina to serve the needs of car buyers in the region by providing in-depth reviews, high-quality features, exclusive road tests, and professional first drives, to help them make the right purchase decision! Over the years, Maqina has evolved from a print-only publication to embrace digital mediums, ensuring our stories, reviews, and test drives cater to a wider audience in new and exciting ways. The Qatar Car of the Year (QCOTY) awards was another way to develop a close relationship with our readers. Organizing this annual event has been an exciting experience for me personally. Every year, Maqina’s experts assess, test, and select the most aesthetically exciting, technically advanced, and powerful cars in almost all car categories. Once again, these awards aimed to guide consumers to make informed decisions about vehicle purchases.”

Unleashing Automotive Excitement

The Arabia Times: Maqina is known for its focus on the thrill of driving. Could you share some insights into how the magazine captures and conveys this excitement to its readers, both in print and digital formats?

Tarek replied, “Maqina magazine has always been driven by the thrill of driving. Through our print and digital platforms, we convey that excitement to our readers. In our print format, for example, we use high-quality photography, vibrant colors, compelling layouts, and, of course, our evocative and engaging storytelling to create a sensory experience that transcends words. The same applies to our digital format, where we use interactive graphics, video content, and other engaging multimedia elements to complement our writing content, thereby making our readers feel as if they are in the driver’s seat themselves.”

Maqina’s Unique Approach

The Arabia Times: The magazine features unbiased and in-depth video reviews. What sets Maqina’s video reviews apart, and how does your team of automotive experts ensure that they provide valuable and honest insights to the viewers?

Tarek replied, “Over the past decade, Maqina has worked hard to win the hearts and minds of its readers. This didn’t come out of a vacuum. Our teams of automotive experts are not only the best in the industry, but also understand the responsibility they have to their readers and viewers. We do understand that our readers and viewers rely on us for guidance in their automotive choices. Authenticity, transparency, and unbiased reporting are the most important factors for us when it comes to our video reviews. For example, when we conduct in-depth video reviews, we aim to be as thorough and comprehensive as possible, taking into account not just the technical aspects and driving experience, but also highlighting both the strengths and weaknesses of each vehicle we test. That’s what it’s all about.”

Navigating the Automotive Industry’s Future

The Arabia Times: Interviews with automotive C-level executives and CEOs offer a unique perspective on the industry. What kind of insights do these interviews typically provide, and how do they benefit your readers?

Tarek replied, “Whenever we conduct an interview with a C-level executive or CEO of an automotive company, we ask ourselves one question: What will the interview bring to our readers? Our readers might get a behind-the-scenes look into the industry’s challenges or future directions, especially those related to the Middle East region, thereby understanding the market trends, innovations, and the vision driving the world of automobiles. And, above all, we’re also trying to reveal the human side of these industry leaders. The hidden sides that no one knows about. The interviews are even meticulously crafted so that we can offer our readers something new about their favorite CEO, public figure, or brand they represent. That’s what we simply do and are good at.”

Catering to Every Auto Enthusiast

The Arabia Times: What types of readers and car enthusiasts does Maqina cater to, and how does the magazine engage with its audience to meet their preferences and expectations?

Tarek answered, “Maqina caters to both casual and hard-core readers. We have something to offer both types of readers. Casual readers might be captivated by the storytelling, quality photography, and interviews we conduct. A hard-core enthusiast, on the other hand, may find the strong arguments and technical details useful in making a buying decision. As for how we interact with both of them, we do that through feedback channels, social media interactions, and participating in community events like motor shows. It is also important to us to ensure that our content always resonates with our readers’ evolving interests.”

Navigating the Fast Lane

The Arabia Times: In the ever-evolving automotive industry, how does Maqina stay up-to-date with the latest car news and developments to ensure that readers receive the most current and relevant information?

Tarek replied, “We do a couple of things to stay up-to-date. First, we rely on the experience of our dedicated team of automotive experts, who are constantly monitoring the latest news and trends in the industry. In addition, we are keen to maintain close relationships with automakers, suppliers, and even industry experts. Finally, we make sure to attend major industry events and motor shows. As a result, we get a chance to see new cars firsthand and talk with automakers and suppliers about their latest products and technologies.”

Maqina’s Milestones

The Arabia Times: Can you share some of the most memorable or impactful stories or features that Maqina has published over the years, and what made them stand out?

Tarek replied, “To be honest, there are quite a few. My favorite was an in-depth feature on the rise of electric vehicles in the Middle East. We discussed the challenges and opportunities associated with the region’s transition towards sustainable mobility in this piece. With its depth and expert insights, the story proved to be one of our most popular pieces.”

Driving Into the Future

The Arabia Times: What does the future hold for Maqina magazine? Are there any exciting developments or plans that you can share with your readers and the automotive community?

Tarek replied, “I believe the future of Maqina magazine is very bright, as we always have something new to share with our readers. Next year, we will launch the first edition of the Arab Car of the Year (ARABCOTY) awards in Dubai, honoring the most aesthetically exciting, technologically advanced and powerful cars on the Middle Eastern market. These awards aim to provide consumers and enthusiasts in the Middle East with reliable and unbiased information about the finest cars on the market. A panel of independent world-class motoring journalists and car enthusiasts from different countries and backgrounds will grant the awards in twenty categories: from sedans and sports cars to SUVs and crossovers. Actually, I am very excited about the ARABCOTY awards, and I believe that the event will be a milestone for the automotive industry in the Middle East.”

Navigating Challenges

The Arabia Times: Are there any particular challenges or unique aspects of covering the automotive industry in the Middle East that Maqina faces, and how does the magazine address them?

Tarek replied, “As you know, the Middle East is a big market with diverse consumer preferences. That’s why we’re trying to offer comprehensive coverage across a wide range of automotive categories. Over the past few years, electric vehicles have gained popularity in the Middle east and worldwide. So, we had to extend our coverage to provide in-depth reviews, features, and updates on the latest electric models entering the Middle Eastern market. Also, the Middle East has a multilingual audience, with most people speaking English and Arabic, so we just started offering video content in both languages to cater to a wider audience.”

A Personal Message from Maqina’s Founder

Lastly we asked, “Would you like to say anything to the viewers?”

“I just want to say thank you for your support and trust in Maqina all these years. And we promise to continue delivering the passion, innovation, and excellence that you’ve come to expect from us.” Tarek concluded

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